Friday, December 28, 2007

I Can't Read...

Yep! I'm illiterate when it comes to deciphering these girls' intentions. I mean, I'm totally at fault. The fact is I refuse to put myself out there, so I prefer signs to be spelled out. But how often is that going to happen?

For instance, this girl, the same chick who had the balls to ask me for a gift, asked me out this summer. But her intentions initially weren't that clear, at least in my opinion. "We should hang out," she said. Soon enough we were grabbing a bite together. I tend to overthink and as always, my mind ran wild minutes before reaching the spot.

"Is this a date? Should I pay? If I don't and she thinks it's a date, I'll come off like an asshole. But then again, she invited me, so should I let her pick up the check?"

Only minutes after meeting up, things became clear. She asked me out on a date. The same scenario recently resurfaced. "We should link up," another shorty suggested. Only this time, though we had fun, I left the "meeting" without an answer. But..."I'm looking forward to doing this again," she said. So there you have it. I still can't read. Speak on it!

Total Sidebar: The fast is over. I couldn't do it. I caved in with a double sausage (pause) and cheese on a plain bagel this morning and then got two slices of pizza later on. I'm a very weak man. LOL


Farrah said...

One piece of advice I can give to you is...When it comes to females (or males), the writing on the wall is written in braille.
Translation - "It's how you feel!" (((Shouts to Young Jeezy)))

Clark Kent said...

I can dig that. It's hard to read women, but the same could be said for us. Even if we say exactly what we want and how we want it, a lady can sometimes misinterpret it to mean something else.

It's only cool when the conversation is with a like-minded individual or at least someone who doesn't take herself so seriously.

Themverses said...

You my friend are over thinking. Just ask!!! WHY is that guys don't understand the concept of just ask and females will tell. When the chick asked you to hang out inquire about intentions up front to minimize the assumptions that run through your head. When the writing isn't on the wall JUST ASK and if you don't get a straight answer proceed at your own risk.

MeLa said...

1st of all, Im SO biting Farrah's line.
2nd of all, you should always pay.


Seriously tho, yeah. You'll never get it. Im sorry. We chicks are nuts.

Well.. not me.

.. Nah. I'm nuts too. But not in an "I wonder if we're on a date" way. More like a "this girl just told me to eat a bag of baby dicks, old nigga!*'" way.

* (c) Thugnificent

Ron Mexico said...

i can't read either, mane.

we got the same damn problem. i totally understand.

you don't wanna go out there and be wholly and completely gassed. you think shit is going fantabulous. you pull out the double sausage and next thing you know, homegirl talkin bout

"ewwww, nigga!"

i'm sayin. don't tell me my polo matches my shoes then.

Nancy said...

Communication is everything.
When unsure just ask..
You could keep it real and say so are we going dutch? or since you invited me are you picking up the tab.. ??
If the person takes it to heart, then you should reconsider persuing them because COMMUNICATION IS EVERYTHING.