Saturday, December 22, 2007

I Shouldn't Smell Better Than U

I've developed a rep for smelling good over time. In my Red Lobster days, my former co-workers (ladies of course) used to burry their faces in my neck between orders. Not that I think I deserve a cookie for buying a bottle of Curve or anything. It's only right. Some chicks apparently disagree though.

Let's just say the next time you hear me call a chick "stank," I probably won't be referring to her attitude. Attention ladies, stench is the no. 1 turn off just ahead of colored contacts. It's true! And I've sure bumped into my share of scent offenders this year. I remember meeting this girl a while back. Cute, smart, funny, good conversation and all. I first noticed a light stinky on a pouring day, so I just blamed it on the rain. Yeah, yeah! Anyway, the next time we linked up, I noticed that she had brought back the same odor as a chaperone. And in case you're wondering, the skies were clear that day.

Anyway, I've since become a smelly chick activist of some sorts. I'll go even further. I demand for chicks to wear fragrances when in the club. No exceptions! I've smelled plenty of roses fresh off the dance floor. Why should you be any different? So remember... I'll let you slide with a burp, maybe a fart (temporary), but I shouldn't smell better than you.
Speak on it!


Clark Kent said...
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Clark Kent said...

You're a fool for that one, man... But you're right, I shouldn't be smelling good in my Yves Saint Laurent while a girl smells sweaty... LOL.

MeLa said...

Hmm.. is that a challenge? You throwing down the gauntlet? I sense a scent- off in your future!

Jackpot said...

I'm just saying more women should be aware of the issue. I know a lot of ladies who smell exquisite every time. I don't think that's unrrealistic at all.

Edwith said...

lmao thats funny but stinkiness goes for all the sexes. you ever go into a club and your walking through the crowd and different scents just attack you from all angles, whether it be fragrances, sweat, smoke, ect but theres always the funk that sort of knocks you down and makes you want to just go home and enjoy the comforts of a night at home. that funk could be from a guy or from a girl and it happens...its called bad hygiene. some people smell and don't even know it. we all have a smell to us whether you wanna call it pheremones or you just smell like you but of course taking a shower never hurt anyone. its not that you shouldn't smell better then anyone but rather no one should really be as funky as that

T said...

That's funny. I used to work at Babalu's A WHILE BACK and it used to smell like a fish market in there some nights (especially when the AC was broke). And sometimes it would be the prettiest girls woofin' llke that. So I'm wit' you brah.

Farrah said...

Moral of the story is...Always "squash-sqaush" before you hit the scene! LOL

Rashaun said...
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JNice The Publicist said...


I say..
Attn: Clubs
Don't invest money in Metal detectors as the club.
Chances are .. the guy w. the gun plans to shoot someone that deserves it.

They should invest $ in Odor Detectors.
People won’t be cranky and aggressive if everyone smells good in the club.

Someone that STINKS is subjecting us ALL to his or her Stankconia.
Why should the innocent, deodorant rolling, body splash spritzing?
Cologne heroes have to suffer their short sprayings?

The innocent should not have to suffer!

Yah smell me?

J* Nice