Sunday, December 23, 2007

Put That Drink Down

"H.D. est jamais down, jamais soul" - La Variable
That was French in case you were wondering. And that my friends, was a famous lyric from my boy Fred. We used to address it all in our good old weekly freestyle sessions. Allow me to translate. Fred was basically saying that I never drank when we went out. It's true. Oh, it's true.
The principles haven't changed. I never drink when I eat and don't sip in the daylight. But I sure drink when we hit the clubs these days. It's those damn open bars. About a year and a half ago, me and my boy Mark began attending industry parties on a regular basis. I mean, the liquor is free. Why not? First it was a drink or three, but I've pretty much been testing my limit as of late. I threw up for the first time in my life just last month and God knows my judgment's been questionable when drinking this year. Waking up tipsy ain't too cool either. I don't like it one bit.
So, my new-year resolution is to drink more responsibly. By that I mean less liquor and less often. How about you? Where do you stand with your drinking? Do you have a new-year resolution? Speak on it!


Paul Cantor said...

The open bars will make you reckless. I was at some LIFEbeat thing like 3 weeks ago and got so wasted I had to just bounce. I didn't even stay to see the queen Ms. Mary J Blige perform, it was that bad. It makes it worse when it's all top shelf shit available. Still, I can only think of two times this year where i got drunk like a fool. That was one of them, and then there was... ah forget

Clark Kent said...

I agree. That Hennessy open bar party was disgusting. I've been to quite a few where I have just regretted ever even going because I fell asleep on the train...