Sunday, December 30, 2007

Was 2007 Good 2 U?

Bain, Me, Burdi and Jesus in DR (June 2007)

The funny thing is I can't remember having a bad year ever. Sure, I go through tough times just like the next man, but in the end I guess I'm always thankful that things aren't worse.
My boy Mark recently told me, "you had a great year." Hmmmm, let's see. I was on my death bed twice (I rarely get sick) this year, nearly got pepper sprayed (don't ask) and dumbed out financially (I'm straight now). But on the flip side, I flew first class for the first time, chilled in Seattle, work allowed me to party in Atlanta, go to Los Angeles, go to Las Vegas and Miami (twice) for the first time, my boy Jesus got married in the Dominican Republic (first!), I met Paula Patton, Kim Kardashian and Lauren London (sorry for the bad pics), went to a million and one parties, dropped a well received mixtape, got a new job (more money), moved to a bigger apartment, broke one of the biggest stories of the year, did voiceovers for an upcoming (gigantic) video game, caused a little controversy and cut my six-year old braids.

The fun didn't come without hurdles though. It was a year of firsts and misses. With all that partying, I was begging to throw up. And I finally did (barf from drinking) for the first time in my life this past October. Meanwhile, I hardly got on a plane without complications. Our flights were delayed for Vegas, I missed my flight for my first trip to Miami, missed my connection flight on my second trip to Miami and my luggage was lost in DR. I may have been worried or pissed at the time, but now I have plenty of stories to tell.

You know what, come to think about it, I did have a good year, one of the most memorable yet. I just hope 2008 is at least half as fun. What about you guys? Was it a good year for you, or are you one of those who can't wait for the ball to drop? What were the high and low points of your year? Speak on it!

Gansin' Around In Vegas

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Sun Tannin' In Me Amie Pt. 1

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Sun Tannin' In Me Amie Pt. 2

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Clark Kent said...

2007 was an ill year for me, too. I worked hard in school, with writing [still have a journey ahead of me though] and I moved here to NYC. So, 2008 will just be a continued step up for the homie from the Midwest.

Ali Vegas said...

That vegas trip was awesome man. We got to enjoy great weather, meet cool people, waste the perdium money and probably had the best laugh ever.

To all you haters... i WAS ready for Melysa Ford.

Janee TMB said...

It was a mixed bag for me... I definitely stepped up my print clips for the year, but still haven't finished my book. Did plenty of traveling but no real vacays. I made a bunch of new friends but my grandmother passed. Hopefully 2008 will bring the best life has to offer.

Matou said...

First off I just Want to say Mi Amie is Hilarious!!!!
Well for me 2007 was just as Boring and Dull as any other year. I still live at home with my folks and work at the same Horrible, Horrible, HORRIBLE Job... But I guess the upside to that is I have a roof over my head and a means to pay the bills...
I did meet a few people but nothing substantial, they Quickly faded out. So basically I have very, very few TRUE BLUE friends.
I'm a home body and was hoping to change that but, I'm still a Homebody.
The farthest I traveled to go anywhere was LI and can you even consider that traveling?
For the first time I met someone who has told me they Love me and actually mean it but, Hmmmm? How Long?
I started attending CCC in April and Pastor A.R.Bernard's teachings are absolutely Life Changing and ON POINT. (Definite Plus in 07')
So where exactly am I going with this comment???
2007 was the Year of Preparation so I feel that even though I didn't realize it God was preparing me for 2008 the Year of New Beginnings.
I hope 2008 is going to be a year of Gigantic and Dramatic Changes for me Stand Up year for me.
I'm tired of life slowly but surely passing me by....
But all in all I do consider myself Blessed and Highly Favored
Soooo Good Bye 2007 and
Heeeellllloooooo 2008....

Oh and Happy New Yearz Cuzzo!!!!