Monday, December 24, 2007

"You Owe Me A Gift"

Yeah right! I only buy stuff for my parents and the kids (nieces and nephews) the days. But at this point, it has more to do with my pockets than my acknowledged selfishness. When I got it, I actually feels great to share the wealth. Oh, and the girlfriend gets something too. But since I'm single at the moment, it's the least of my concerns.

Funny thing is two girls asked me for gifts in recent months. What's even funnier is that they weren't joking. I met the first girl in August I believe. We've only gone out twice since then, Once in August and once in October (I think). Besdies that, we've bumped into each other once and had approximately 5 minutes worth of text message conversations. Still, the second time we linked up she kept going on about me missing her birthday party a few weeks prior. "You owe me a gift," she informed me. That was right around the time I was about to get a Sidekick LX from my boy Jackson. Next thing you know this chick is telling me the sidekick would make for a nice gift. LMAO!

Meanwhile I met the second girl at some point this past summer. I can't remember. Anyway, similar scenario. We hung out one or three times, nothing deep. "You owe me a gift," she told me the last time we hung out. Dude, her birthday hasn't even passed yet. I guess that's her way of letting me know she's expecting something. Shiiiiiiiiittttttt!

Now, this isn't breaking news. Plenty of fellers feel they have to spend to get a shot. Not me. This may seem foul, but I gets plenty of free throws. So don't ask me for no gifts. And don't worry. I won't ask you for one either. Merry Christmas!

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MeLa said...

wow.. smelly chicks, greedy chicks.. where do you socialize, sweetness?