Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Anybody Ever Tell You, You Look Like...?"

I look like nobody if you ask me. Shoot! I don't even look like my daddy.

I Look A Lil' Somethin' Like This...

I always knew white people thought all blacks looked alike, but they took it to another level in high school. I was Mr. Basketball at the time, so they compared me to pretty much every player in the NBA, even this dude that wore a mask. We never seen his face, but to them, I looked like his ass.

Of course, I spent my share of time sporting a baldy just because...[Michael Jordan], so a few kids told me I looked like... Michael Jordan. Crackah, please! Who else...? My boy Brian swore I looked like Isaiah Thomas. I also got Chris Webber and on a non-ballin' tip, I got
Eddie Murphy and I think Arsenio Hall once. [Blogger's Note: They look
nothing alike, so how in the world can an 11-year-old Carl look like both

Soon enough, black people got in on the action. And let me tell you, we're no better than white people. If any of you are friends of mine on facebook, you'll see that my boy Qwest commented, "damn! You really look like Cassidy" about the following pic.

[See Cassidy Photo Here]

Who, how, when, where, what? When I rocked the afro, they said I looked like Kobe Bryant. When I got the braids some people tried to say D'Angelo, R. Kelly, Ludacris. Oh! And Toby thinks I look like Dwight Howard. Now notice that though I disagree 100%, I'm not complaining because the ladies love most of these dudes. The complaints started when somebody told me I look like Wesley Snipes. Oh hell no! Me and dude only have two things in common. We're black and we'll karate kid kick yo ass if you try to hijack a plane.

But other than that, people been saying I look like Omar Epps forever. The other person I surprinsingly got a lot is Mos Def. The funny thing is my boys Ed and Fred were clowning me, saying that I looked like Mos on the Black and Both Sides cover. I thought they were joking. But then, people started telling me left and right. With Mos, it apparently wasn't so much of a physical resemblance. I allegedly remind people of Mos for some reason. Like they'd see Mos and think of me.

Anyway, some people have accepted being look-a-likes. Like my boy Yves doesn't mind being told he's Cee-Lo. Me, I'll deny any resemblance to the death. But you know who I really look like for real, for real? That dude I see in the mirror every morning. I'm sure you guys get your share of comparisons. Speak on it!


Mark My Words said...

LOL @ you looking like R. Kelly - "I wanna pee in your foood."

But real talk the first time the homie Toby met you, dude called you Dwight Howard LOL.

Me? If I shaved my head and rocked glasses - the late great Gandhi.

Sam says when I had the blowout - DeNiro from Taxi!

Matou said...

Yves lookin' like Cee Lo is one of the REALEST things I've ever heard. I've seen him all of what 2 maybe 3 times and I would always think this dude looks like somebody... And it's Friggin' Cee Lo!!!
I've been told that I look like... WAIT...
I don't even know if I should say this but, Bill Bellamy!
Of all people my Best Friend told me this, but that was back in high school... The nerve...
As for you, out of all the people you named, it's gotta be Mos Def....

Ab said...

I got Kevin Garnett a lot ... and also Snoop ... who cares looking like someone ... what I need is Hey your bank account looks like Arods lol

Adam Bernard said...

Some drunk dude once mistook me for Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. I've also been told I look like Gideon Yago. NEITHER of these comparisons has helped much with the ladies.

Farrah said...

"I wanna pee in your food." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...That's classic..oh my god...HAHAHAHA(tear)

Out of all the people they say you look like, I think Isaiah (not as old) and Omar (not as dark) are the closest (but they could clone you if they had a baby together. LOL!!)

Once, when I rocked an afro, my former boss said I looked like Angie Stone (I was highly offended). Then I rocked a long weave and someone commented that I looked like a slim Star Jones (I was highly disgusted). When I rocked some cornrows going all back, I was compared to Queen Latifah (I was highly annoyed). Listen people not all thick sistas look alike...DAMN!

I'm cool though…I trumped it all to the fact that I just look like a superstar...HOLLA!

Hobbs said...

You just a ugly dude straight up


ww4p ( said...

you look like this dude that use to work at!

jesse said...

You look like planet asia son

JNOT@ said...

i'd say AKON or proposition joe from the wire. (ok, so maybe not prop joe)

on that note, a lot of people think im russian or middle eastern (lol), and recently thanks to the influx of grey hairs and wild wolf beard, someone said i could be george clooney's brother (im not mad, but yeah... no joker.) also, people used to say i looked like scarface from half baked.

ms_sincere1 aka Betty now goes by Liz!!! said...

It's amazing to see the shades of blackness from butter pecan, coco caramel, to dark chocolate. You DO NOT LOOK like any of those your mentioned above!

I was told that I looked like Kenya Moore (although a nice compliment) The only thing Kenya and I have is the same height if not taller! I've been told I look like Toni Braxton......
Sometimes people want to develop a deeper connection with you and by doing so they feel relating you to a TV idol, superstar, or the latest man or woman in the media!
Smile (looking like Forest Gump) and keep it movin! That look alone is powerful enough to have them reflect about the statement alone!

IndeedPhindi said...

Yeah, but no... Omar Epps? Chris Webber?? you don't look like any of the people mentioned. Mark as Ghandi i believe!!! LOL

I've heard a light skinned Melinda Williams the most. Literally got stopped in the street like I robbed someone like "u look just like Byrd from Soul Food (the series)" I don't see it.. the other popular ones are Eve, Keyshia Cole, Lauren London, Chrisette Michelle and my fave BEYONCE... even though I dont think it's really true like that, more than 5 ppl said it which is good e-damn-nuff for me to say it's true! :-D
I also had an ex who said I looked like Brandy... the relationship ENDED soon after.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Phindi all those people either lied to you or they're morons. For some reason, I do understand the light skin Melinda Williams reference. Byrd is bad so don't be mad. Oops! That wasn't supposed to rhyme.

ChocoDeluxe said...

My uncle Yves was just telling me about this blog so I had to come look...we've been calling him Cee-Lo for years, and he could sooooooo pass for him!

Depending on the day, I've gotten Angie Stone or Jill Scott (both due to the fro I rock...I disagree 100%)...I do have this one pic that looks like the grown-up Rudy from the Cosby Show (sorry, I always forget her name).

But you're right, I only look like the person I see in the mirror!