Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bobby Brown Thinks I Read...

Bobby Brown

So I met and interviewed Bobby Brown for the first time earlier today.
Sure, he's not the "original king of R&B anymore, but I always appreciate meeting people I grew up on. I remember visiting my older brother Gary (with my older sister Valerie) in Ottawa for a few weeks back in the day. Don't Be Cruel was on repeat, especially "Rock With You."

But anyway, the interview went well. It was very comfortable. Aside from cracking a few jokes and suggesting that he did something special to celebrate Don't Be Cruel's 20th Anniversary, I didn't do anything out of the I thought. But after thanking him for his time after the interview, Bobby replied with, "thank you, brother. You just made me wanna read more. Cause I know you read." Uh? LOL

The funny thing is I hardly do. My attention span is just inferior. I'm still stuck on page 20 of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man and I bought it when I was still in college. Interestingly, he's not the first person to tell me that. Mak P, the engineer I worked with at Soundclash Studios, was shocked when I told him I didn't read. Oh well! Hopefully I can prove Bobby right one day. Speak on it!


Janee TMB said...

You don't read, you don't vote... tsk tsk. What kind of example are you for the youth dem? I mean, obviously a better one than Bobby Brown, but still! Damn.

Clark Kent said...

That is messed up... So, I guess you just get by on your wits, huh? Whatta wonderful world you live in, Carl... LOL.

Farrah said...

Not hatin or anything, but Bobby Brown thinking that you read...dude...

Come on, that's like a retard telling Bush he's smart.

Moral of the Story...Everything is relative. LOL

PS. A writer who don't read? huh

You got to love America! LOL