Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is It Because I'm Black?

I'm not big on pulling the race card, but I'm afraid I'll have to make an exception tonight.

My job requires be to be the token black reporter every now and then. Those events usually call for interesting black-on-black experiences. For instance, I remember Andre 3000 giving me the immediate nod when noticing that I was the only young black male attending a press junket for his Class Of 3000 Cartoon series a few years back. I remember receiving similar nods from Terrence Howard and Jay-Z at other events.

Cool! But I just got back from a screening for Black Magic (basketball documentary) at the Bryant Park Hotel in Manhattan. So, the second I check in, I notice this sista greeting folks near the entrance. I wasn't expecting a hug or anything, but she just gave me some emotionless plastic smile. She so happened to be red bone, but that's an entirely different post. Little do you know, I bumped into her on the way out. As soon as I pass her (no smiles or aurevoirs), I hear, "did you enjoy the movie? All right, gentlemen (not Black in case you're wondering), have a good night."

Gentlemen, uh? Cool, I had a skully on, but I was also sporting a pretty nice sweater. And last I checked, I didn't have any holes in my shoes. So why can't you ask me about the movie? Sure, I kept dosing off, but that's not the point. It was too dark in there for you to see my ass anyway. I hate to say it, but this can't be a coincidence. Speak on it!

R.I.P. Heath Ledger!


Matou said...

That Friggin' Racist Slappy...
I guess we know who she's NOT voting for... HA!

MeLa said...

hahahaha.. i love when blacks feel like they can't be seen getting too friendly with other blacks in professional situations, for fear it may intimidate the whites and thus hinder their prospects for better opportunities. Cuz them crackas they're worried about ain't payin them no mind anyway.

Adam Bernard said...

Did you try talking to her before you went into the movie? There's a good chance those other folks did, hence they were spoken to as they left because she had an actual interest in their opinion.

This may have had less to do with the color of your skin and more to do with the disposition you displayed to her (your disappointment for not getting regonition upon entering). Who wants to the sullen kid? Not anyone I know.

Dove said...

Naw, maybe she was just having a bad day... you don't always smile either... so who knows. I'll bet if you see her again she'll love you.

Farrah said...