Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Longest Laugh Ever...

I seem to find humour in everything. I remember three particular episodes in which I laughed so hard, it took me all my strength to stop.

First time out me, my sister Valerie and my cousin Tony were watching "Men At Work" in his parent's basement. I must have been 9 or 10 years old. So at one point in the flick, Keith David's character called someone "mr. Bone head." I just lost it. There must have been something about his tone or delivery at the time because the phrase just doesn't call for laughs anymore. I was also just a kid. But who knows? What I do know is that I laughed for roughly ten minutes straight, woke up my aunt and uncle and had to step out of the house so I wouldn't wake anybody else up.

Fast forward to All-Star weekend last year. Me and my dude Ali Vegas are at the Bellagio discussing Danny Gans. You see, Gans is one of those Vegas entertainers frequently advertised on taxis and billboards. Anyway, you couldn't possibly get it since you weren't there, but me and Vegas just started flipping this guy's name around and somehow incorporated some Andrew Dice Clay-ish character into the mix. We lost it! Laughed for five minutes, took a ten second break then laughed for five more. Just when it seemed that one of us had ceased, the other's laughter would get the both of us going again. We were crying! People were looking at us like we were nuts. It got to a point where I was laughing so hard, my stomach was hurting. Hands down the longest and hardest laugh ever. I almost forgot. Me, Ed, Guytwin and Fred had a pretty hard laugh during a basketball game this summer. I won't incriminate anybody. It's up to him if he wants to share.

Well, I had another long laugh today. By now some of you are already familiar with Reh Dogg. Sorry for being late, but I stumbled on dude's catalog last night. Man, I was watching "Blacken Chinese Man" and "Must I Cry" all day. I laughed til I cried, yo. How about you guys? When's the last time you've laughed for five minutes straight? See for yourselves and then speak on it.

"Blacken Chinese Man"

I Heard This Is A Classic..."Why Must I Cry"


MeLa said...

Blacken Chinese Man- i like how he mixes it up a bit with the set locations (beach as well as the usual woods setting), and the fact that there are other people in this video is new too. Theyre all fellow inpatients i assume.

I laugh hard as shit every day, but what springs to mind is once when i was on the train and a nodding dopehead was sitting on the edge of the chair, teetering dangerously. The train hit a sharp curve and dude did a complete 360 tumble onto the floor, then instantly sprung to his feet ninja style with his dukes up, yelling "what? what the fuck?! huh?!?"
Yeah. i think that was the hardest.

Today's belly laugh was provided by a Silent Knight/ Emilio Rojas song entitled "Winnie The Pooh". Those guys rule!

ChocoDeluxe said...

I told you "Why Must I Cry" was a classic! My brother put me on to it, who in turn was put on by one of Reh Dogg's fellow Canadians...Oh man, did I laugh at that video! And then I almost died laughing when it got put on Charlie Murphy's show "Hot Ghetto Mess"... It was such a wrap! LOL

I try to find something to laugh at it was at a couple of text messages a friend sent to me...

alyson said...

....but have you seen the sequel to "why must i cry?"'s called "no more crying no more"

that's not a typo.

chorus: "no more crying no more/you're a bitch and a whore/and i don't want you no more/tammy starr, you're a whore"