Wednesday, January 23, 2008

PhotoJAYnic: The Camera Vs. Jay-Z

"You're too close, mon!"

So I'm in K.O.'s office Tuesday when a popular topic, Jay-Z, comes up. I'm not sure how the subject came up, but I just started cracking on Hov's flicks and joked that I would write a blog entitled, "PhotoJAYnic: The Camera Vs. Jay-Z." K.O. was dying and insisted that we posted something.

I bet Mr. Carter is thankful for money and status, cause dude probably wouldn't get play on E Harmony if he wasn't famous. Interestingly, Jay's at his best when part of his face is covered by a hat or some hoodie.

Better still doesn't mean it's good...

I think dude was really trying to pose here...

Jay is no Zoolander...

Don't nobody go in the bathroom fo' bout 45-55 minutes...

I ain't never lie. Speak on it.


Farrah said...

I agree with you 100% that Jay-Z is not very "photoJAYnic". However, I disagree highly when you say if he was “Joe Blow” he would not get play.

Jay has this je ne sais quoi look to him. If he was broke but still had style and swagger, he would still swim in pu$$y.

He is one of those dudes that just make you wanna know more. It's not all about the looks (as we all know) or the money (though it doesn't hurt). It's his demeanor and swag that make me run like the river.

So to all you ugly dudes out there, Jay is letting ya'll know that there is still hope. Keep your hair fresh, your kicks fresher and your lady laughing. Abide by these rules and you'll posses the magic that is Jay-Z.



MeLa said...

I definitely agree that hov has swag for days, and it's not just the money either. he's a smart and witty dude, and he's always been cool as shit. I would wanna be his friend, for sure.

But I don't wake up in the morning, roll over and look at swag. That face isn't easy on the eyes at all!

.. *sigh* i love Hov. I hope he never reads this. LOL