Thursday, January 3, 2008

Starbucks Sucks: Can't Stand Coffee Shop Chicks!

Pardon my niggorance on this one. But I swear by Erykah Badu and own every Roots album, so I often end up rubbing elbows with the backpack crowd. The thing is, I don't have dreads, but do wear sneakers and lotion, so whenever I go see Mos Def perform, them people look at me like, "what the f*ck is this guy doing here?"

One thing I can't stand about Coffee Shop chicks is how elitist they are. I mean, some of them front on Jay-Z being lyrical just cause he never rhymed about shae butter. Gimme a break! I've been in many conversations where Coffee reps tried to sell me on some new ashy act thinking I was down. Raheem Devaughn has to be the best example. I did like that "You" song. It was dope! But besides that, I don't get it. After I complained about dude being nothing special, one chick even confessed something like, "he ain't that good, but until D'Angelo stops looking like ODB, he's a good replacement." WTF?

I didn't like what he did on Beanie Sigel's album, he ruined Talib Kweli's "Country Cousins" and though I appreciated the content on "Woman," it just doesn't cut it. So newsflash, assholes! Dilated Peoples is not good, Jurrasic 5 sounds like a barbershop quartet, Goapele is boring (she's bad though) and the tooth fairy isn't real. Speak on it!


Janee TMB said...

Wooo buddy, who pissed in your cheerios this morning? I'm not carrying pompoms for any of those groups you mentioned but you're dead wrong about Dilated People.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Man, we can go back and forth on this. Dilated is boring as hell. Sure, they have the right idea content-wise, but you gotta bring it across nicely. And Evidence and Iriscience (he's better though) don't do that. It's boring ass music. Sometimes the beats carry them and they do have some good songs, but they ain't that good.

Ron Mexico said...

i've just learned to take my musicians on a case-by-case basis.

shea butter or sprewells. if it sounds good, it sounds good.

since dilated seems to be the example du jour, overall, i really don't dig them. they got a couple joints i like a lot, but generally that's elevator music to me.

if it's hot, it's hot. fuck the style or subgenre.

coffee shop kids make me sick though. elitism is the word. it's childish.

when i was 17 i wanted to assert my intellectual superiority. i did so in all facets of life, including my musical choices.

i was a douchebag for that. but i was 17. when i see people older than 21 acting like that i get worried for them.

ChocoDeluxe said...

Oh damn...we're gonna have problems today! LOL...I'm a Raheem DeVaughn cheerleader, so I don't agree with anything you said about him...How can you knock a dude who tours year-round to get his name out there, sells all his CD's and mixtapes after his shows and takes time to speak to, sign autographs and take pics with EVERY SINGLE FAN who bothers to check him after the show???

LOL @ your comment about Jay-Z not rhyming about shea butter tho... =)

I'm not a coffeeshop person at all tho...Those types come off like they're better than everybody else...maybe I'm hating cuz I don't have a laptop to plug in and work on while I sip on some hot chocolate =)

thatchick said...

Son, you suck. You probably was a backpack rapper yourself but didn't make it so you became a writer!a

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

LMAO! Listen "That chick!" Don't act like I don't know who it is. lol

MeLa said...

Ooh, you mean like all the fans i lose when, after Pharoahe leaves the stage, I make the DJ play Get me Bodied and proceed to "drop down low and sweep the floor wittit".. those types? yep, gotta love 'em.

Raheem Devaughn wins for one reason alone- all the rest of these artists got background singers. He got a background PAINTER.

Step ya show game up, R&B!!!

glenny said...

lol @ shea butter or sprewells. he's right tho

greenireen said...

to come straight outta nowhere,

#1: i work in a coffee shop AND own everything the roots every released.

#2: surkey says: u should never, ever drink starbucks coffee.