Friday, February 1, 2008

Obama Stutters Too Much...

Barack Obama

Shoot! I have my stuttering John moments, so I'm not knocking the man. But I was watching the CNN Democratic Debates last night and I couldn't get over Barack Obama's speech.

It's funny, because the early buzz on Obama was that he was "smart and articulate." Smart? Oh yes! But articulate? Not so much! Forget anything I've written on this blog before. I'm rooting for the guy. And if everything goes according to plan, come November, I will be taking my
ass to the booth for the first time ever.

But frequently hearing "ehhhh" and seing Obama repeatedly hesitate during the debates, I couldn't help but wonder if his speech lowered his appeal at all. I mean, he's hands down the most charismatic and funniest candidate on either side, but Hillary, John Edwards and even them fart ass republicans seem to have more of a smooth cadence when they speak. See for yourself.

What do you guys think? Has anyone else noticed that Barack's speech could be smoother? And if so, does it even matter? Speak on it!


Matou said...

It would be bad if he stuttered and on top of that didn't know what the hell he was talking about.
So what if he needs to take a speech class or two!
What's important is that he got his point across.

Sickamore said...

at least he doesn't cry

Mark My Words said...

Still talking about this?

Jury Duty, man. Jury Duty!

Janee TMB said...

You're wildin as usual.

Dude is the most well spoken candidate PERIOD- he's smooth as butter. I

'm not even gonna peep the video -- I've heard him on multiple occasions and he's been on point every time in my observation.

uhmmmm aaahhh ohhh said...

Obama is great on speeches, but terrible on debates. Hillary can talk circles around him.

Obama needs to relax and take a deep breath before opening his mouth instead of uuuhhh ahhhh ummmm.

Come on Obama! Speech therapy for the win!!

Farrah said...

Eloquent...Powerful... Inspiring... These are the words that are associated with Mr. Obama!

Check this video out-

Dont hate on the man because he cares enough to choose his words carefully.

Jackpot said...

Yo! Me and you ain't cousins no more. How you gon hit me with that cliche-ass "don't hate the man" comment? I just said I'm rooting for the man. How is that hating. What I'm saying is that he ain't as smooth as a speaker as other candidates and plenty of people agree. Lose my number, son! LOL

Farrah said...

I watched your little video and he's not stuttering...he's thinking.

So what you saying you want smooth talker in the White House. Then you need to vote for James Earl Jones or Barry White (RIP).

That's what's wrong with Americans/ Canadians, they always want something to sound good... Get it together Carl...

PS. We always gonna be cousins

Love Ya!!!

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

I don't know what you're talking about. lol

Farrah said...


Anonymous said...

The stuttering at the MTV/Facebook debate made it difficult for me to view. Had not paid much attention to Obama so I tuned in to see what all the excitement was about.

Everyone who has ever taken the toastmasters speaking course knows that the first thing they do is count how many times you say "uhhhh" or "ummm".

I'm told that Obama is on the list of 10 most corrupt politicians ? Research this candidate... don't listen to the mega smeer.... and by all means understand that our country is economically broke, as well as broken in Washington DC... and figure out why the lobbiest have nicknamed my choice... Dr No. A true statesman Dr Ron Paul

David said...

Some highly successful people did and do stutter. Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Carly Simon, John Updike, Chief Crazy Horse, Somerset Maughn, Senator Joseph Biden to name but a few. Clearly stuttering did not impact their ability to perform to a high degree. George Bush does not stutter but is dumb as a stump. Barack Obama may or may not stutter, but is that really the issue? Would you rather have a moron who speaks well or an intelligent person who stutters at the wheel? Hint: go with the guy who stutters.

Mike said...

Lord help us all if Obama gets in office.. if everything he plans to do falls into place we will be in trouble. Please people.... dont worry about how he says it, listen to the content of what he says!

Gas prices sky high.. he says no drilling!

Spanish language taking over.. he says teach your children Spanish!

Some people don't have insurance.. he says create a national health plan.. Who pays for this crappy health care like the Canadians have? You and me! You know how government runs business.. pick a number!

People out of jobs.. he says raise taxes on the corporations who create these jobs for you and me.... So let's chase them all over seas!

Please vote responsibly!

Sharp said...

That's just it. He has no idea what he is talking about. He is a good looking conduit for misinformation. When he actually answers a question, which is rare, he repeats the same misguided liberal talking points that continue to be proven wrong, year after year. I used to be a Democrat, but this guy is a bafoon, and a scary Socialist to boot.

Anonymous said...

the closer we get to November the more Obama Hussein is stuttering to his doom .... it's a sad sight