Thursday, February 7, 2008

Who Should They Kill Off The Wire?

Me, Michael K.Williams,
Felicia "Lil' Snoop" Pearson & Jamie Hector (The Wire)

Not my ass! I'm not on the show.

You see, I started watching The Wire here and there during the first season. Then after completely abandoning the show, I started tuning back in towards the second half of the third season.

So for the past three years, all I heard was, "The Wire this, The Wire that." I just didn't get it at the time. I had unsuccessfully tried watching the show twice and never got hooked, so how good could it be right? I also grew annoyed with black people expected me to be familiar with the show. It nearly made me shun the show on purpose.

But after speaking with folks like Sam Ed and Erik Parker and reading Ron Mexico's 4th season recaps, I decided to give it one last go. Thankfully, as a prequel to the current season, On Demand re-aired the entire series starting with Episode 1. Great writing! I was hooked
instantly. So hooked that I kept going over my 12 O'Clock curfew to catch a few extra episodes.

I appreciated meeting the three aforementioned cast members earlier this week. Dudes was mad cool. Where do you guys stand on The Wire? How are you liking this season? What's your favorite season to date? What character do you wanna see killed and what character do you want to see spared?

I just want Omar to make it. If he does, everybody else can go. Oh, I want Bubs to make it too. On the flip side, I don't really hate of the characters, but Marlo gotta fall. He's just wrong. Speak on it!


Janee TMB said...

Co-sign that Marlo needs to go. I've met or interviewed most of the cast -- Bubbles, Poot, Weebay, Marlo, Snoop, Bunk, Wallace, Avon, Stringer and David Simon and another producer.

I love the show, love the new season, I hope that McNulty can redeem himself -- I think some big things are gonna go down with Michael this season and I'm really glad to see Omar back - I think he's my favorite character overall.

I like how they brought the newsroom into the final season but I'm sad to see they have a Jayson Blair type situation with a writer making up sources and quotes...

Farrah said...

I really can't get into it. I feel the same way you did..."What's so great about The Wire".

The only thing I've seen on the show is a part of an episode when some dude teaches another dude to play chess, but the twist was that he taught it in drug dealer lingo. Thought that was interesting, made me wanna play chess just to see how good of a drug dealer I could be.


MeLa said...

Omar is the man. I always want Omar to win. But Marlo is so cold that if they do take him out, it needs to be the last episode like they did Stringer.

Im devastated that its the last season. The writing on that show is some of the most compelling on tv.