Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Scarves Are The New Shades

So I'm at work earlier today when I suddenly peep this cat on his phone, posing hard like it was a Macys Male Catalog Photoshoot. Mind you, we were inside, but my man had a Pea Coat and scarf on.

"I see you got the scarf on," I remarked.

Thinking that I was complimenting the wardrobe, dude just starting grinning uncontrollably.

"Well, you know..."

Huh? No I don't! But anybody who knows me, knows I ain't with all that fancy crap. I mean, these are clearly rules of assholism and I see more and more dudes violating them. My boys Jesus and Mark always say, "only two kinds of people wear shades inside. Blind people and assholes." Chuch! And you can't tell me this dude don't look like an asshole.

Shades On The Train?

I bumped into him on my way to work this morning and couldn't resist. I thought about the blog, pulled the camera out and shot his ass. Had he been wearing a scarf, he would have been a certified douche. On that note,pardon my nearsighted niggorance, but only two people wear scarves inside. Gay people
(not that there's anything wrong with that) and assholes." [Blogger's Note: The Scarf rule only applies to dudes. Girls can do whatever the hell they want.]

Again, I'm not with the fancy crap. I don't give a feuk! It ain't cool or fashionable. I wish a dude would try to fight me with a scarf on. I'd hang his ass with it. Unfortunately, I'm cool with one or three scarf rockers, so it's all good. I'll still talk to you the next time I see you in public. But I'll have to call you an asshole or ask you to "take that napkin off."

Speak on it!


Chuck said...


Anonymous said...

"not theres anythig wrong with that" my ass. smh. pick up a bible people.

Anonymous said...

^ thats true. scarfes look stupid. thats like me wearing gloves all day.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Yes, people. And after you pick up a bible, make sure you pick up some Seinfeld DVDs.

Mistyblue said...

What's hilarious is I think I know who you're talking about at the office. I can't believe you said something! Finally got to you hunh? Why they got to be assholes though?

Mark My Words said...

HAHAHA! The scarves are the worst!

Jesus said...

word to Larry David

Hobbs said...

Man, I agree 100%...Only time you will see me wearing a scarf is when temps drop below 20. No offense to NY, but that 'fashionable' scarf shit only flys out here...and ATL (for obvious reasons). Scarf inside = G A Y.

daruffian said...

Totally, the scarf shit is bad. You forgot to mention that kids who where shades inside, on top of just being assholes are probably cokeheads or rolling on E also.

MeLa said...

The only thing more annoying than people who wear scarves and shades inside are people who hate people for their personal lifestyle choices.


Farrah said...

Hey don't talk bad about the scarf...I like the look. It's cute on guys (I know you said girls don't count).
I like that skate board look when dudes rock the Arabian scarves with the blazer and some glasses...INSIDE (LOL) ...SEXY. And for the record ain't nothing gay about that.