Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Shit" Just Doesn't Make Sense!

"Sheeiitttt!" --Senator Clay Davis (The Wire)

By now, I'm sure you've noticed that I'm not too big on curses. I usually curse for the sake of comedy, when I'm pissed or tipsy. Other than that, I say stuff, thing or ish, rather than shit. But not today. Ironically, it just wouldn't make sense.

I've noticed that "shit" is the most worthless curse in the english language. It just holds no weight. Now, I appreciate when cursing is used to punctuate a statement. "Fuck" usually does the job. "Shit?" Not so much. Let me explain.

I was chillin with Jesus and shit: No need to add "and shit." "I was chillin with Jesus" already made the point. The extra vulgarity just makes you sound like you failed kindergarten.

Ron Mexico is cool as shit: "As" implies that there's an analogy there, so why isn't it cool as ice or cool as a cucumber. [Blogger's Note: Those were corny, I know.] Still, the last time I hadn't checked, doo doo wasn't cold.

When Shit hits the fan...This one isn't as bad. But I like my adages to be realistic. Has anyone ever seen doo doo literally hit the fan? Thought so.

Speak on it!


Farrah said...

Sugar Honey Ice Tea...'memba dat shit (pun intended)

I ain't with that shit...
That nicca aint shit...
Fuck that shit...

Theses are all reasons why "shit" is still relevant!

Other useless ways to use "shit":

I'm the shit...(Well...Maybe)
This shit stinks...(It's suppose to)

:-) LOL

MeLa said...

I like 'shit' for the purposes of name- calling.

"Shithead" is a great insult, as are "shit- for- brains", "piece of shit", and as Farrah mentioned, "you ain't shit".

That pretty much sums up "shit"s usefulness for me.


white beezy said...

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white beezy said...

i be myself n do what i like and confdurble with my sexuality and if some ppl think i look gay wit scarf or tink im gay i dun give a shit because the ladies love THIS gay guy. really no homo tho i does not fuck with that shit.. im going back to movie have a good one everybody.

white beezy said...

Ps. I also notice more girls checking me out when i wear this scarf :P i like girls <3