Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why You Touching Me, Son?

You ladies should be familiar with this one.

You're at the club and dude pulls you by the hand. Or once you grant him a conversation, you notice that his hand has magically slid down to your waste.

Now, I've noticed that women respond to touching in two ways. Some only mind when it's someone they're not feeling. On the flipside, some are very into their personal space, so you best to back off no matter who you is. Like, when walking through a tight space, some women will just let their chest rub on you while others make an effort to avoid any contact.

Us dudes, we don't give a fart. If you're cute, you could probably just meet me, put your hand on my d*ck johnson and I'd just stay there and show off my 31 teeth.

Yup! We don't care. Unless it's a bleeping dude. You know, them touchy-feely types. The best example is them dudes who tap or poke your collar bone with their index while telling a story. Either that, or one hand on your shoulder. Why? Physical contact won't help you prove a point or make your story better. Plus, I was already listening, so unhand me...punk! Speak on it!


MeLa said...

Ah- hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Yeah, drunk dudes get touchy feely with other dudes. I see it all the time working in a bar. Its always hilarious watching the other guy trying to be polite but becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

As for us girls, in defense of the.. uhh... bustier of us, in some circumstances it's all but impossible to not rub them on people. Sometimes we can barely keep out of our own way!


Having said that, I'm all about the personal space.

Janee TMB said...

Word Carl? You'll let a girl you just met manhandle you? Interesting.

Personally, I'm not really into the touchy feely strangers thing.

Farrah said...

You let strange girls rub on you...Nasteeeeeeee. :-)

But that is so true. Once my cousin was drunk and she cupped a dude's stuff and he just stood there and let her. I had to go get her or God know what may have happened.

As for me, I agree with Mela. If you have big boobies, it's hard not rubbing them on people.

Brian "B.Dot" Miller said...

aww man, i hate that shit. Mr. Sigel i'm talking to you! I dunno, maybe its a Philly thing. This nigga kept punching me everytime he was talking