Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wouldn't Me And Lauren London Look Good Together?

I Think I Found Lauren...

Pardon my abscence. My work load has been kinda crazy lately, so I haven't found much time to post anything new.

Now, before any of you Farrahs jump at the opportunity to merk my self-esteem, let me assure you that I'm not being serious. In case you didn't know, Lauren London recently hosted BET's Rip The Runway alongside Nelly. So, my supervisor Kim Osorio thought it'd be a good idea to promote the show with a blog entitled , "Lookin 4 Lauren London." I just posted the first of three entries a few minutes ago.

Sorry to dissapoint you, I don't think I have a shot with Lauren. lol Let's not get it twisted, she's in my Top 5. But come on, dude! Why would I seriously try to get with her? I mean, WTF? But do peep the blog when you get a few minutes and of course, speak on it.


MeLa said...

let me be the first to admit, I'm usually not a hater but this chick drives me up the wall. She's so fuckin cute! LOL

.. you DO know she boned li wayne tho, right? The *ahem* Pussy Monster?

I'd set my genitals on fire.

Farrah said...

Heyyyyy...I resent that comment! I do think that you and Lauren would make a cute couple. Just like Mela, I hate that I like her, she is tooooo cute (she gives me a tooth-ache)! Those dimples are to die for. I would even take it as far as if I were into banana splits, I'd definetly want to take a lick. ;-)


Shaun said...

For the record, she is SO fuckin cute!

Janee TMB said...

yeah yeah yeah. this chick again. as usual you forgot to credit your trusty photog (ahem)... Lauren London is cute but yeah that Weezy business is not a good look.d