Friday, March 28, 2008

Catch Me At Spring Bling...

You Know That's Not My Car...

It's 8:37 p.m. and my brain's fried.

I've been up since 7 and working since approximately 9...a.m. that is. I'm currently in West Palm Beach, FL covering BET's Spring Bling. They have me blogging live, so it's quite hectic. I have to get content and immediately run back to the production office, so I can update photos and keep it as current as possible.

It's fun so far. It's challenging, but fun. If you get a minute, check out the play-by-play on [Click Here To Read Spring Bling Live Blog] If you need a laugh, peep my mug on the multiflash. I have no reason to say the following, but since it's a pattern, I'll do it anyway. Speak on it!

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