Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Is 2008 So Far?

Hard to believe we're almost in the second quarter of the year already.

We'll be watching the Olympics in no time. In one of my later posts last year, I discussed slowing down on the drinking. Well, I'm doing pretty well on that front. Some of you may have seen me skip the open bar several times and I didn't even go out until February.

Around that time, a friend a mine asked me how my year was going so far and I couldn't produce an answer. What a difference a month makes. I've trimmed down to a lean 185 lbs from a chunky 200-plus and work is going great. I've already been to D.C. and St. Louis for the first time and I'm hoping on a plane to New Orleans in the morning. God willing I'll be able to maintain throughout the calendar. But what about you guys? How has it been so far? Speak on it!


ChocoDeluxe said...

Well, first and foremost, in January I finally got the Nikon D40x that had me feenin' like Jodeci (LOL). I've been putting it to good use too, which is not bad when you consider that I've not read the manual yet! The amazing Charles Anthony of Hustlemode has let me tag along to events as his photographer, and I've met tons of great people and artists who deserve a lot more shine then they currently receive. A few people have approached me about photo shoots, which is too exciting for me; you just don't know! Even though I'm still working for free, I consider it as shooting for the love of it. The money will come; getting my name out there right now is what's more important to me. Oh, and Demont Peekaso (ya boy Raheem DeVaughn's traveling put me in a piece he did at Raheem's show in NYC on Monday, so I'm gassed that I'm a muse now =)

Still working towards getting the laptop that I expected to have by the end of this month, and I have to travel anywhere, but ATL is next weekend! I also recently switched jobs...Chugging along is what I've been doing, and I'm looking forward to big things in 08!

Sorry for the book Carl =)

Im Just, Im Just Rika from the Block!!!! said...

This is funny (interesting) to be the second person posting a comment, when mine mirrors ChocoDeluxes. I too have gotten a new camera, though mine is the NIkon D40, and having a blast exploring its many features, without the manual as well. Unlike Choco, though, most of my pics deal w/ wildlife and my dog :-)

Other than that, I picked up a iMac, a boyfriend, and 10 extra pounds...

Life is pretty sweet right now...