Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lazy Co-Workers Anyone?

So I've been working on a few projects with this new guy at work these
past couple of days, and I must say, he's hilarious.

I wish I could share a few quotes with you guys, but I think his delivery is what makes him so funny. Although he did call somebody a "tight wad." I don't recall hearing that one before.

So earlier today, we're in the editing room and the phone rings. Dude picks up, and then angrily hangs up a few seconds later. "What a lazy human being," he said. LOL I think I laughed for five minutes. Then this other dude chimed in, "we got one of those in every department." Chuch!

This topic comes at the right time, because I'm halfway through the heaviest week to date at my semi new job. So go ahead and vent about them lazy bums. Speak on it!


Fyra Banks said...

I think the worst part is when your lazy co-worker is your boss and he/she gets/takes all the credit for the hard work you've done. Not that she was a co-worker, but similar situation: in high school my Biology lab partner never showed up to class, didn't help out with the project at all, and ended up getting an A. I was there, along with our other 2 partners, did majority of the work, and got a F, which my mother had to approach the teacher about. I almost didn't walk for graduation. My partner - she was never in any danger of not walking. I ended up with a B+ in the class and walking, as I should. I don't have a problem with people having fun at work, just get your job done, too.

brian "B.Dot" Miller said...

you know my motto, hard work may not kill me, but why take the risk.

Matou said...

I'm sad to say that at my current job I am Lazy as Hell... Why? Because I HATE MY JOB.... Every minute I'm there it's like complete torture. You might as well call me Bush's Private Journalist and stick me in a cave with Al-Quaeda. Damn!!!!
I think you can only work hard at something you love... I'm working towards and waiting for that career/job that I LOVE...
But for now I ain't doin' nothin' but the bare minimum. And they sometimes don't even get that!!!!

P.S. In my defense at least I'll admit it. Because there are some people that THINK they do soooo much and they are just as lazy and ain't doin Sh!+...

Sam Ed said...

like kanye said, " when you try hard , thats when you die hard"

King Jafee said...

We work hard
We play hard

*cue Gonna Make You Sweat smoke machines and disco balls*


unless ur lazy

then just sit there

MeLa said...

jobs suck. i haven't had a real one in 5 years. But when i did have lazy co-workers, I would snitch. I ain't fitna be the only unhappy one up in here!