Monday, March 10, 2008

Pleeeaassssseee...Tell Me If I Have A Booger!

I've always been obsessed with clean nostrils.

I obviously check the shnozz everday before leaving the crib, but also occasionally check my iPod screen on the train for good measure.

My sister Val is equally obsessed with the boogie monsters. There was a time when we took pride in telling each other, "ha, you got something in your nose." But my sis will tell you, I was rarely caught slipping.

It's been a different story for everything else as of late though. In the past month, I've gone to the bathroom a few times only to find donut glaze hanging on the side of my lip, or dry patch of skin on my cheek begging to be moisturized. Cool! But I remember uncovering those after convos with people.

It must have been karma though, because I never tell people when they have boogers or spaghetti strings hanging from their chin. This girl recently got mad at me, because I didn't tell her about hers. I just kept staring at it, but couldn't bring myself to say anything.

Soooooooooo, what's your booger policy? Do you tell, or keep it to yourself. Well, if have one, please tell me. From now on, I'll do the same. Speak on it!


Clark Kent said...

I would tell my close friends if they had one... But that's about it... LOL.

MecheComedy said...

It seems on the days i feel my best, a booger sneaks in lol! And nobody tells me lol!! I'll be feelin' good, got my clothes right, hair is fly...and i actually check for boogers. Then a little piece will find its way kinda at the tip from nowhere, i see it because i'm looking down that day trying to tie my shoe or something, i see it blowin' when i breath and then i'm like "Damn! Ain't nobody told me nuthin', and how did that one sneak in!" lol. Then i go off on my so called friends for not saying anything.