Sunday, March 2, 2008

This Chick Told Me, "I Know Penis!"

Some of you may recall my "Why You Touching Me, Son" entry. In it, I addressed touchy-feely dudes and joked that I wouldn't mind if a random cute chick rested her hand on my Dick Johnson. I kid, I kid.

The funny thing is, that exact scenario happened a few Fridays back. So, I'm at this spot and get introduced to this girl (cute and drunk in case you're wondering) and she hugs me and immediately reaches for my privates. My boy Ryan thought I was lying when I told him.

Shocked, I backed off and asked, "you always greet guys by grabbing their joint?" "Yes," she replied. "I know penis." She then went on about how she can tell the size of any man's penis. I won't go into details, but she actually wasn't that far off. LOL

Fellers, has anybody ever been that forward with you? Ladies, I know you get your asses grabbed by some douches every now and then, but has a man ever went straight for your crotch? Speak on it!


Fyra Banks said...

I can't believe no one's commented on this one yet.

Wow! Straight for the crotch, huh? Hell no! I think I just might give off the vibe that if you grab my crotch I'm going to cut your arm off! That would be insane. It's bad enough gettin' your ass grabbed - or smacked. But the crotch - nigga must be waaaaay drunk to do that - or bold as all hell! And what kinda girl just grabs a man's penis?

Farrah said...

You are

The crotch...That's straight nasty!!

The boobies get molested from time to time but that's as far as it goes.

Paul Cantor said...

yes, has happened to me. just gotta be around some drunken hot girls

Brian "B.Dot" Miller said...

straight to the kinda woman!

Janee TMB said...

LMFAO. So, did you smash?

King Jafee said...

i was wondering where u went Jackpot!!!

u with Low!!!

whip that nig into shape!!!

yah trick yah!!!

tell him the King is always watching!!!


oh well good to found ya...

oh yeah fuck sohh!!!

back to the dungeons of rap...dragging an R&B broad with me...