Sunday, April 13, 2008

Are Elder People Rude?

My dude Dale suggested that I write about this a while back, but I held off on it for some reason.

You know I couldn't hold much longer though. It seems like elder people have been stepping on my sneakers for like a month now. In case you guys didn't know, there's a no tail gating rule in effect whenever waiting on lines. Like, there should at least be a three foot space between people.

So, I was clearly next on line at Rite-Aid yesterday when some lady cut into my three foot space and walked right up to the register. I didn't bother saying anything. I just cut her back. Meanwhile, at the grocery store, elder ladies have been bumping me and inadvertently pushing me into the fruit stands without apologizing. And when I warn, "pardon me" right before squeezing past in one of the narrow food isles, they never seem to budge.

Also, notice that I used "elder" rather than "old," so I'm not referring to senile senior citizens here. They know exactly what they're doing. They wouldn't do it to each other either...just to younger people. God knows I'd get crucified if I did anything similar. Just last week, this Jamaican lady quickly shouted, "you no say excuse" the second I brushed by her. The funny thing is I did say "excuse me," she just didn't hear it. I know we can't generalize, but are our elders rude? Speak on it!


DakotaJonesKnows said...

Ha ha. I'm glad that you wrote about this. I was just talking to someone the other day about how "elder" folks are so rude.
I guess that along with their control of bodily functions, they also lose their manners.

Dove said...

Awwww! That's just those lonely cougars trying to get your attention. Just last week you were writing about people telling you you look like you have a girlfriend... maybe to these "elder" women you look like a fresh biscuit. :-)

For real though, I want to fight when people touch my sneakers. You're being nice.

Hashim said...

"at the grocery store, elder ladies have been bumping me and inadvertently pushing me into the fruit stands"

Ha! Maybe that's their way of flirting with a young man!

Jesus said...

You know I just let it slide; sometimes I get pissed off but then I remember I'm going to get old some day