Monday, May 26, 2008

Dude, The American Dollar Is Worst Than You Think...

You can't really grasp something until you experience it firsthand. Like, I keep hearing about gas prices, but since I don't have a car, it's not affecting me yet. No offense, but until I decide to cop a whip, I almost don't care. Sorry, it's just my nature.

I went to Canada this weekend for the first time in almost a year. I crossed the border with like $22 US dollars in my pocket thinking I'd just hit up an ATM when I need some change. By the way, by all accounts, Canadian gas prices are jacked the fruck up too. So, the first night, I stop by this gas station and try to make a withdrawal. I'm thinking I'm only here for a few days, so a buck would do. Denied! "Your transaction cannot be processed at the moment. Try again later," the notice read. ?????

After trying a few more times, I notice that my transaction may have been denied because that particular ATM carried Visa only. Cool! A few hours later, I find what I thought was the appropriate ATM, and nothing. "Please contact your branch." I'm thinking it must be an ATM thing, I'll use my debit card when I need to cop something. Pfffttt! My joint got denied at KFC the next day. [Blogger's Note: Canadian KFC> American KFC. Canadian strawberry licorice > American strawberry licorice]

Anyway, so I'm talking to a few of my friends who are planning to crash the big apple this summer and they're all telling me the American and Canadian dollar are neck and neck. I thought I was at peace with the dollar momentarily being moreless equivalent to its northern neighbor until my mother informed me that the Canuck dollar was now worth more. WTF? Dude, I was born in Canada, but you dunn know I gives a damn about the flag. It's just how us Haitian kids do. That being said, the American dollar needs to make a comeback ASAP solely for personally selfish reasons. I remember going back to Canada like ten years ago and getting $600 canadian dollars for my $400 american bucks. Nowadays, not so much.

Just yesterday my sister brought me shopping and it cost me an arm and two legs. Had the US coin been in its glory days, I probably would have spent 40 to 45% of the retail price in US currency. You'll really get to feel that dollar when you leave the country, trust. Now, it looks like I'll have to fork up the full price, or God forbid, more money. Check it, not only are their dollar allegedly worth more, they won't let you use their ATM. I'm hoping Barak Obama has an answer. And while he's at it, if elected, I hope cab drivers start picking up my ass. Come on, people. They already have better KFC, strawberry licorice and Hockey players. Let them have those, but please take the dollar. Speak on it.

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