Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Almost Stole Twinkies From K-Mart

Anybody that knows knows me, knows that I'm one of the most SCA-TTER brain people on earth.

That's why I walk into walls, lose CDs and umbrellas and go through my whole apartment looking for my iPod when it's already in my hand.

I was at K-Mart looking for a Timex watch earlier today. Since I can't find a regular freakin' watch, I thought I'd cop a Timex in the meantime. For some reason, I'm stuck on having a transparent design, but you dunn know my ass couldn't find nothing.

Since I can't find the right time, I thought I'd pick me up a box of Little Debbie Boston Creme Rolls. I'm off the wagon again. It's bad, b. So I'm walking, Macy’s bag and Creme Roll box in the same hand, slowly making my way out of K-Mart. The second I got near the exit, I noticed this security guard lady looking at me. She was just staring at the kid, so I started thinking I had a booger on the edge of my nose or something. Then it hit me. I was about to walk out of the store without paying for the twinkies. It's not like I was trying to hide the box or anything, I was just distracted. But picture me trying to tell the cops that I stole the twinkies cause I'm scatter brain. Even worst, I just got home like an hour ago, poured water in a pot to boil it, but I put it in the freakin’ stove. Scatter brain, I tell you. You just can't make up that kinda stuff.

I'm sure you guys get distracted sometimes. Maybe not like me, but then again who does. Speak on it!


Janee TMB said...

I'm scatterbrained too and the weed doesn't help. I'm constantly searching thru all my stuff to find something -- and once I left an open jar of mayo in the cabinet

Matou said...

I'm Right in the same boat with you Cuzzo!!!

Blissful Intelligence said...

lol, i know this is like EXTRA LATE ...but the scatter brain stuff is very cute on a guy .. lol .. good to know im not the onlyy onee with moments like that :)