Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Still Eat With A Bib...And What!

Ya'll can kiss my bib, cause I still wear one.

Me and a few friends of mine went out to eat last night and since I wasn't trying to splatter alfredo sauce on my polo shirt, I made a bib out of two napkins. You know what, though. My shirt is still spotless. Come to think about it, I'll give you a pass if you put a scarf inside and use it as a bib. And come to think about it, I think I wear more Polo than Trick Daddy Dollars.

Anyway, as pictured above, I look a bit preoccupied. The truth is, I saw my friend pull out the camera on me and quickly turned right, so she wouldn't get a frontal shot (Pause just in case). Flash Gonzales, I told you! My question to you guys is, looking at the flick above, does it look like I'm staring at something in particular? If so, what is it? Speak on it.


Janee TMB said...

You are the worst for that (ducking shots!). As far as the bib I don't blame u whatsoever. I love wearing white and I know I'm a messy eater :-)

Joe D. said...

I know I'm mad late but I just discovered your blog today and wanted to comment (it's awesome btw)

anyway you get props for that move because I feel that you must protect the Ralph Lauren at all costs. I went to a crab house (pause?) this summer and I damn near wore a rain slicker to that joint.