Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Dreams Make Absolutely No Sense...

It's funny cause a friend and I have been talking about dreams lately.

I was telling her how my dreams hardly ever make sense. I used to get chased a lot in my dreams. Cops, skinheads and giant robots were all trying to catch the kid. I know, I know. By most accounts, the chase supposedly means that I'm running away from something in real life. I haven't figured it out yet, but at least it's been a long while since I've had one of those.

Anyway, the giant robots never get me. You know why? Cause I'm fast, son. I'm Flash Gonzalez. Just yesterday, I was stuck downstairs buying a new Metrocard at the Fresh Pond Road station when I heard my train coming. Only one thing though, the freakin' machine was on break or something. I even heard the doors open like a second before my card and receipt finally came out. Then, yoink! I snatched the card, ran up the stairs and got in before the doors closed.

Sorry for going off on a tangent. But, they say we dream every night, but only remember portions if anything at all. I had this one dream where I was in a never-ending gym and couldn't get off the floor. Every time I tried to stand up, I would bust my ass. Last night's dream started in a gym too. One of you guys, (I forgot which one) bet me that I couldn't dunk. Pffffttt! I got tapes to prove it. So I threw the ball in the air, let it bounce off the floor, caught it and then slammed it with one hand.

But here's the weird part. Later in the dream, I was at a round table with two obscure ass fellers and one Clifford "T.I. " Harris. ?????? We were actually discussing some political stuff. So at one point, T.I. calls me into question. Mind you, I've met dude several times, but I don't know him. In the dream, we knew each other. "That stuff is debatable, Carl," T.I. told me. "Haiti wasn't the first successful slave revolt." What? 1804, son! Then this asshole told me he got his information from Miss Info. ?????? [Blogger's Note: T.I. has never been an a-hole to me in-person, but the dream version was a douche.]

To make matters even more nonsensical, it turns out that John Edwards was one of the other dudes at the table. I wanna say Barak Obama was the 4th dude, but I just can't remember clearly.

How weird is that? What about you guys? What's the weirdest dream you've had? Speak on it.

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