Monday, May 12, 2008

My Proudest Embarrassing Moment

This episode keeps coming back up, so I figured I'd share it with you guys.

The location, some club in West Palm Beach, where me Lowkey and them were chillin' during BET's Spring Bling back in March. So we're having fun, slowly getting past the tipsy point and I'm talking to this chocolate P.Y.T. Some dreadlocked dude was trying his best to handcuff to no avail.

At some point, I ease off the jokes and turn around to talk to my boy E. I take one step towards him and suddenly, "waaaaaaaaapppp!" My feet leave the ground and I BBbust my ass. I lost it immediately. Started laughing uncontrollably, tapped the floor a few times with my right hand and then finally got up. "Hold up," E interjects. "How the hell do you still have a drink in your hand?" Apparently, I managed to not spill my drink during the fall. Ask Lowkey. Seconds later, I go back to shorty still laughing. "Please don't fall again," she joked right before giving me her number. Funny stuff!!!!

That was my proudest embarrassing moment. I'm pretty scatter brain, so potential bloopers are many and close between for me. I probably walk into a random wall once a week. I'm so used to it by now, I just hit the obstacle and keep it moving. I remember this other funny episode on a New York City bus, Q85 in Queens to be exact. So the bus is speeding and I'm at the bottom of the back stairs waiting to get off at the next stop. By the way, I have the horribly bad habit to not hold onto anything when I commute. So suddenly the bus driver hits the breaks. I try to grab the handle, miss it and "booooom," fall sitting on the stairs. Again, I start laughing, turn around and nobody dares to join in. I get off the bus, still laughing, look inside and everybody just busts out laughing. Funny stuff!!!

I do have an authentic embarrassing moment, though. I must have been like 9, 10 at the time. This one day, I was in class and just couldn't stop sneezing. Atchou! Atchou! Atchou! Dude! I went A-A-A- Atchou! Waaaaaammp! I farted! I sneezed and followed-up with a freakin' fart. There was no running for cover, and definitely no laughing on my part. They all knew it was me.

I'm sure you guys have some embarrassing moments. How did you handle the situation? Speak on it.


Clark Kent said...

Embarrassing moments, huh... When I think of one, I'll put it up...

Farrah said...

That was too funny...LOL! I think everyone has had that sneeze-fart (cough-fart), the last time I did that, I just pushed my chair out and pretended that the moving chair made that noise LOL!

One of the most embarrassing things that happened to me was when I was in High School. I was talking to this cutie and a couple of girls passed by and said "Yo, those converse you got on?" and they busted out laughing (needless to say Converse were rejects). The guy I was talking to stopped talking to look at my footwear and shook his head. I walked all the way home on the sides of my shoes so that no one else could see the "Converse" logo. :-(

MecheComedy said...

lol! Hilarious! Well my moment was one day back in the 80's (i'm showing my age) i was riding my ten speed bike with my cousin. (we were riding in the street) So he's next to me and i feel at that moment i can multi-task. Talk and ride. I turn my head, my handle bars go off to the right, then BAM! i ran into a parked car. I rolled over the hood and onto the ground. There were some people standing there and they look shocked. I immediatley get up and shout "I'm okay!" lol. And they still couldn't believe what they just saw. I just got back on my bike, and my cousin laughed at me the whole way home.