Monday, June 2, 2008

Catch Me On The Real World Next Season...

This Season of MTV's The Real World is the best I've seen in a minute.

It's like two months deep now and I'm still following it religiously. Unlike many faithfuls, I don't detest Greg the most. His entertainment value is unmatched. I hate Kate, though. She's a freakin' cocker.

Usually, I tune out after a month or so either because I lost interest, or can't bare to watch 'cause the black characters are corny, unattractive, unrelatable, stereotypical or absent. The say never say never. Well, I would never apply for The Real World. Besides, I lack the main criteria, crying. I would probably be a little too blunt or insensitive for the roomates' taste.

Still, you're likely to see me on the show next season. No, I didn't apply or anything, but The Real World is coming to Brooklyn and they start filming this summer. I still live in Queens, but the crib is so close to Kings County that I hang out there most of the time. Reportedly, the roomates will be living in this $6 Million complex in Downtown Brooklyn. Dude, I'm crashing. No, seriously. Saturdays at the Real World house this summer. My go-to BK folks are all on the same page too.

Don't be surprised if you catch me and my boys (PAUSE) in the jacuzzi (we won't be alone) in Episode 4. My goal is to have one of my boys hook up with one of the roomate chicks. Since I'm too private of a person, I'm taking myself out of the running, but I absolutely will be wingmaning it. That's goal no.1. No.2, I wanna make a roomate cry. Ok, I kid...maybe. Anyway, I wonder which one of my boys is likely to get with a roomate. I vote for Sam Ed. I don't know why, I just do. The Real World: Brooklyn, uh? Thoughts?

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