Thursday, June 5, 2008

LOL My Ass...

News flash! LOL means laughing out loud.

Meaning, if somebody makes you laugh out loud, you write LOL back. Pardon me, but ya'll know I can be quite literal. Anyway, I always say there's two kinds of funny. If you react to something saying, "that's funny," the joke probably didn't tickle you much. But, if you literally bust out laughing, especially when reading something, chances are it was funny. Notice, on top of saying LOL, when it's out loud funny, you'll actually tell your friend,"dude, I literally laughed just now."

The thing is, LOL has lost its value. Shoot, I'm a violator myself. Personally, it has turned into a one word answer when I try to speed up conversations. It has many functions, though.

Ladies, say some cocky ass dude you know sends you photos for whatever reason and writes, "don't I look like Morris Chestnut" at the end of the email. You may wanna reply with, "LOL." See, if dude has a fart face, it may have actually been funny, but not out loud funny.

Say some bum ass publicist chick is sweating me on IM. She's pitching away and at some point randomly says," "so, when are you writing about my client." I'll respond,"we'll see, LOL" just so she gets off my freakin' cabbab.

Then, there's the nervous LOL. The LOL you type because you're being dead ass, but you're too much of a punk to just come out say what you have to say. That way, you can always say, "but I said LOL" when things don't go your way.

You know what's sad, I'll probably remain an LOL violator. And if one of you guys call me out on it, I'll just delete this post and act like I don't know what you're talking about. Any of you got some LOL stories?


Will a.k.a. Hip Hop Is Alive & Well said...

Yo!I violated "LOL" so much that now I've upgraded to "LMAO"(LAUGHIN' MY ASS OFF!!!)Which in all honesty means...GTFOHWTA!!!Peace fam!LOL!
Will a.k.a. Hip Hop Is Alive and Well

Paul Cantor said...

cosign.... i use LOL on some leave me alone type shit, but then also when I'm trying to make a point but don't want it to be taken too seriously to the point where it might make things awkward between me and someone else.... fortunately I don't have too many publicists bothering me these days, so I don't gotta give them the brush off like that.

MeLa said...

I'm a little better.. i use 'haha'' to signify something funny but not 'laugh out loud' funny.

The thing is, i really do 'LOL' a lot. I think everything is funny.

We need to make up something for 'chuckle'.

Janee TMB said...

LOL. What's a cabbab? Is that like a shish kebab?

I overuse LOL too -- both the leave me alone convo filler LOL as well as the I know I'm being a total bitch so let me add this so they don't feel like I'm being a total bitch. When something is actually funny it's definitely a LMAO.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Yes, Janee. It's cabbab as in Shish-kebab. Only I used for things like, "suck my cabbab, bitch!" Mela, I use "ha ha" heavy now. I'm bout to turn it into LOL.

Ron Mexico said...

yeah. i've noticed how much you "lol" me.

i knew you was a greasy nigga.