Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Do We Go To Clubs Anyway?

I’ll tell you one thing. I don’t go to clubs to listen to music. I got plenty of that at the crib.

I don't dance with girls that often, but let's keep it funky here, fellers. We've all been told: "No thanks. I like to dance by myself." Pffttt! I thought that was bullcrap until I ended up talking to this girl. She liked the kid, but it turns out that she really didn't like dancing with dudes.

Per most of my homegirls, women go to the club to have fun, dance and listen to music. Me,not so much. When I first started going out, it was all about the ladies. I went out in hope to get me some new digits. And you dunn know the joint better not be a sword fight. Then I went through a phase where I never went out. I mean, you go out, spend a bunch of money on drinks, but for what? I just didn't see the point.

I'm back in party mode these days. The funny thing is, I don’t care whether I meet new girls or not. If it happens, it happens. I just wanna have some fun. Still, the joint better not be no freakin’ sword fight. As anal (pause) as I am about the men/women ratio, it almost doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

Me and the homie Jesus went to Pink Rabbit (no strip club) with the fam on Friday. What a dump! There wasn’t even one almost cute shorty in there. Thankfully, we still had fun. We cracked plenty of jokes and danced to some old school. Fun times! Sure, it’s always cool to meet someone new, but it won’t make or break my evening. What about you guys? Why do you go to clubs? Oh, and just in case one of you douches get any idea, Phillies won. 13-0.


The Modest Bastard said...


The Real David Lopez said...

I feel the same way these days Carl. As long as i'm with good friends i can have a good time. But it's always good to have some eye candy close by the make the night more interesting,lol.

Marc said...

I understand your point. I find myself saying the same thing about the ladies fronting on a two step, and the dudes trying to rank on the hottiest chicks in the club. It can make you feel like it defeats the purpose of coming out.I'm not speaking for all the dudes but where are the real ladies that come out to chill, chat, and crack a smile with some fellas? Who knows (blah). SO, I go to the club to simply have my own fun bugging out, and feel the vibe of the crowd (and checking out the skanks sprinkled in the crowd lol). one!

MeLa said...
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MeLa said...

i go to clubs for tons of reasons... to admire (or make fun of) women's fashion choices... to watch people get drunk and make asses of themselves dancing... to listen to new music really loudly... to hear the songs that play on the radio and actually start to like them (ever notice how you can listen to and actually enjoy shit in the club that if it came on in the car, you'd break a finger changing the station?)... to smack guy's butts and wink at them as they turn around, startled..

I am one of the girls who doesn't like to dance with guys. Nothing sucks more than getting all excited because your jam is on, and feeling the music in your chest and getting to your feet... and then feeling some stranger grab you from the back and try to pull your butt into his crotch for a corny two step. This is my JAM... I was about to dutty wine, fool!! what were u, lurking nearby like a vulture, waiting for me to stand up so you can swoop in and ruin my fun?? fuck outta here. And i won't even go into the banal "so.. what's ur name" whisper/ yell conversation during said corny two- step.

grown folks don't go to the club just to meet people. it's nice to be out and about AROUND people. but we're old enough to be over that part of the chase. it's time for us to meet people at, like, grocery stores and barnes and nobles and church and shit.

... wait. whattami sayin? I never go to clubs. I work at a bar. I do all that stuff at my job. tee hee

Farrah said...

Oh my god that is so real...Why is it that some guys only come to dance with you when your eyes are closed and you are feeling the shit out of some song.

It ruins the vibe completely, especially if he's the same cornball you saw lurking around earlier. Then you start praying "don't you look over look like you got bad breath"

Fellas keep it real...if you want to dance with a lady, the first introduction shouldn't be your frontside to her backside.

Hobbs! said...

Phillies Won