Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Bagging Rules

Me and two of my homegirls have been playing this game as of late.

We went to a few sword fight parties (pause) recently and pickings were pretty slim on both ends. So my friend asked me, "if you had to talk to any girl in here, who would it be?" I was bored anywway, so we immediately combed the room looking for someone I wouldn't mind being in public with. They got mad, cause I ended up settling on a white girl. Hey, I love the sisters, but bad is bad and shorty was just that. I'll take Alyssa Milano over Tracee Ellis Ross, but I wouldn't pick her over Nia Long, Paula Patton or Mel B.

We played the game again last night at Nas' Album Release Party, but this time my friends thought they would add a spontaneous twist. " Ok, Carl. Now go talk to her," one of my friends said after picking a girl for me. Not a chance! I'm pretty moody and anal, pause, when it comes to approaching women. Ask the homie Kev Clark or Mark. They'll tell you that I just stand there like the Phillies won right after they tell me some cutie's been looking at me. They always call me lazy, but I'd say I'm more of a moody bagger. Sometimes I just don't feel like being bothered. Plus, I rarely move outside of my rules.

Rule No.1…Never Bag Unless The Girl Shows Interest: I mean, I’ve stepped to a girl without her looking my way before, but for the most part, I don’t budge unless I’m clearly invited.

Rule No.2…If You Don’t Have Anything To Say, Shut Up: If I tell one of my homies, “shorty is cute” one too many times, I have no business going over there. It should just happen. If I’m keep talking about it, chances are I’m overthinking and the convo could be forced or awkward when I finally approach. It should just be natural.

Pros: Slim margin for error. I usually make sure it’s painfully obvious the coast is clear, so rejection isn’t really an option. Sure, you have your flirts who aren’t looking for anything more than a little back and forth, but for the most part, the number is yours to lose when applying this rule.

Cons: Every now and then, I find out about a girl liking me, a girl who has never shown an ounce of interest. So by only following signs, you stand to lose tons of opportunities, perhaps even one of the good ones.

What about you guys? What makes you approach a woman? Any rules? Ladies, any of you approach the fellers? If not, what kind of signs do you give them when interested?


Springtime Youth said...

1st off, Miss Milano has hairy arms. I seem to always watch out for that (I over-analyze also). Secondly, wow, Mel B? Okay. I can cosign. Lastly, when it comes to bagging, just watch, assess, approach, listen well, converse, inquire, then a final assessment, then Bam! You're in.

ron mexico said...

you overthinkin all this, pimpins.

you're a charming/engaging enough of a young man to not have to worry about these things.

if you're cool and confident, good things will happen.

ron mexico said...

p.s.: i don't "bag." sounds like something you do to a chicken before you cut its throat.

Janee TMB said...

Whatever works for you hon. Personally I say fuck rules - they are made to be broken.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

I feel you, Ron, but that process also helps me weed out the field. You can't jump on everything moving. Those rules have been good to me, so I shall stick to them. I mean, as Janee said, they will be broken every now and then. But for the most part, it's an easy system.

B.Scully said...

Looks like i'm way late on this one but i'm weighing in anyway... I have to mostly agree with Carl on this one. There are usually clear signs but certain girls (especially ny girls) are great at giving you the "dont even think about it" look when they really want to talk to you. This is why i prefer southern girls. Southern girls also have no problem approaching you. We in the tri-state seem to add way more rules to the game then is really necessary.

New Bagging Rule: Girls dont like it when you refer to it as "bagging" lol

bryco said...

funny how "the game" and its "rules" differ from one place to another! Here in mtl the ladies will come to you if they really want to, they will show you that you are not welcome if you aren't. But in general, in order to not look like a fool or be rejected, I see from a distance what the vibe is... if it's cool then I'll go in for a closer look, once there you get the feelin' if you can go in and talk or if you were mislead... and in reality she was smiling and looking at the guy next to you!! lol... but for real I think it really depends on who and where... so there are rules but they are constantly shifting and adjusting to situations!