Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tall Girls Vs. Short Girls

Them chicks is like 6' 13"...

This one was inspired by the homie, Jesus.

He blogged about tall guys vs. short guys last week. If you knew me at 15, I would have sided with the shorties. Baggy jeans were in at the time and the shorter you were, the iller the jeans looked on you. But I eventually reached average height (5'9") and never looked back.

Anyway, since Jesus already spoke on the fellers, I thought I'd discuss women. I personally prefer short to (slightly above) average height (5'4") women. Forget them catwalk types. I'm only 6'1", what the hell am I gonna do with a chick my height or even 5'11". I wouldn't climb Lisa Leslie. I think the tallest girl I've dated was 5'10."

I really like short girls, but I wouldn't say it's a preference. I like them between 5'2" and 5'7". Let's not get it twisted. As always, exceptions can be made... like Saba. But I've never date a girl taller than me. I wonder if I'd be up to it if it came to it. Back in the Red Lobster day, this older shorty standing 6'2" and 200 plus pounds once approached the kid. The funny thing is she was a goon -type. I've seen her punk around many a dude. Pffttt! Picture her trying to punk me. I would have karate kid kicked her ass. I would never put my hands on a woman, but once they're taller, weigh more than me and then act like they can whoop my ass, I may have to left hook them.

Anyhow, what about you fellers? Ever dated a girl taller than you? Ladies, ever dated a shorter dude? Me not! I guess I'm siding with short-ish girls.


Naked With Socks On said...

hold up, bring it back, selectah. REWIND.

Did you say that Jesus (male) spoke about short GUYS vs. tall GUYS. Uhm, (wait for it...wait for it... PAUSE!)

Jesus, man, if what Carl is alluding to is true... It's okay, there is nothing wrong with that..LOL

I kid, I kid

Bumped uglies with a tall girl before. I'm 5'9"ish and she was like 5'11. Awkward. Even with girls my height because if heels, but as long as she ain't Andre the Giant tall and she's actually a nice person and treats me good, then what's the big dea;. We're all the same height when we lay down.

Gangstarr Girl said...

I've had many an encounter with tall women (5'9 and up) trying to bully everything that moves. I really hate that--actually, I generally am leery of tall women because of my experiences with most. One chick who was like 6'whatever, stepped on my foot (I mean her whole big ass foot landed on mine) and looked at me like I did something wrong. I called her out on it and she tried to flex. I told her to sit her chubaka ass down somewhere (I was drunk lol) and the surrounding people laughed. Me embarrassing her ended the whole thing lol. But yeah, I agree in that a lot of tall woman feel like they have this automatic ass whooping ability because of their height (which is totally untrue). And to think, I used to wish I was a little bit taller (word to Skeelo). (I'm 5'6 so I guess I'm on the border lol)

Jesus Talks said... need to either explain my post a bit or add some "pauses" to that joint...

profess said...

Very interesting, blog, Carlito..

First of all, I have dated a tall chick in my time. I'm 5'6" and she was 5'11" at the time (like we grew since). Shoot, to add serious humor to a vertically challenging encounter, I may climb on a given prop to plant her a wet one on le bouche. How romantic..awww!!

In all honesty, dating a taller woman, depends on self-confidence form both genders. Obviously, I do not lack such. Another chick I dated liked me but couldn't get over her anti-dwarfism complex. So, I politely told her to step. No hard feelings, biatch.

Every now and then, I catch myself eyeing a tall chick and sizing her up and fantasize for a minute. Bump the illusion that most tall women are bullies. At least if a tall one cocks her arm to swing at a dude, I'll see it a mile away and conteract accordingly. There are gentle giants out there.

Tall chick plus: they can retrieve items at high hard-to-reach places.
You don't have to break your neck reaching certain anatomical features.

Minus: Quite difficult to carry her with the force of gravity caving in on you, unless a bed breaks the fall.

Finally, if you do end up dating a tall chick, it'll feel awkward at first but if both parties are enjoy each other's company no matter the setting, you're both oblivious to gawkers with swiveled heads.

SabaG. said...

Thanks for letting me be an "exception" None the less, you guys need to give ALL women a chance. You would bone a 6'1 jolly green, but when it comes to relationships its different. WOW YOU GUYS ARE HILARIOUS! NOTHING WRONG WITH TALL CHICKS.

I've had the lower end of the stick! Unfortunately. I think short guys dated me in the past for the recognition I would guess. Walk down the street with me , and they get the nod from another dude like "yea brother, you did it". NO ,FUCK THat! MEN ARE SOOOO SHALLOW!!!!!<
Just because YOu aint drank yo milk growing up is of no concern to me LIttle men! Get over the little man complex.
So since 2006, I don't even look in a shorter guys direction.
* Carl, I'm only 5'10. SO instead of referring to us tall women as Jolly greens, I would prefer the term 'Exotic Amazonian'!

As you can see this argument has sparked a fuse!!

Aa3 said...

I'm 5'4 and I can only date tall guys (5'11 and above). Although, on a recent excursion, I found myself eyeing this one guy, who was really attractive but an inch or two taller than me.

Somehow we ended up kissing, and when he went to grab my hands. I realized that 1) My hands were about the same size as his if not a tad bigger and 2) I felt like I was molesting a tween.

I swear I threw up in my mouth alittle, and needless to say that was the last time I made an exception to the rule. I highly doubt that'll be happening again after that horrifying experience...::shivers::

Cypha said...

I've dated a girl my size once. But she left her and let Mic Geronimo have her. True Story!

I didn't so much mind her height, i mean when we were laying down it aint matter much. But I do prefer shorter girls. Still let Sanaa Lathan come walkin around here (she's tall right? was that only becuz she was in Love & Basketball that i assume she is gigantic?).

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Saba, "exotic amazonians" is too long to type.I'll stick with "taller women." Still love you, though.

KjB said...

It's fine to date a chick taller than yourself. Just don't let her hug you from behind you while standing up in the bathroom in front of a mirror and both of you have no clothes on cuz you and her just finished getting down on her bed (umm... random scenario of course). It is an odd feeling for the guy being hugged by a taller chick unless you always been into taller females. All I know is I'm glad my wife is 5'2 and i'm 5'10 and that's just the way we love it.

The Cuzzo from the Paul Fam.... said...

Hey Cuzzo!!!!

LOL @ KjB's Comment... Funny that I read this now because two dudes are showing interest but one is 5'5" and the other is 5'6" (Yikes)... I'm 5'4" hoping right now that I'm Really 5'3 and a half"...

And I like to wear heels, Psht!

I used to think 5'10 was short but now I'm fine with that height... Am I going to have to make an exception for Men between my height and 5'10???

I don't know... There's just something about being able to look UP at a man...