Monday, September 15, 2008

I Just Don't Want To Like You...

PS: My Palin entry was my 100th post, but I didn't do anything special for it cause I just didn't think it was that big a deal.

So I checked my email this morning and saw I had been tagged in yet another facebook note.

Nope! It wasn't Anslem's hungry ass writing about wanting to cheat his fast with a cheeseburger, but the homie Kevin L. Clark. I've been enjoying reading Kev's relationships stories over at Hello Beautiful, so I clicked through to see what his latest entry was about. Imagine my disgust when Kev referred to Tyler Perry as “the new king of black Hollywood” when reviewing his latest flick, The Family That Preys.

I immediately stopped reading and hit Kev on IM.

Me: Don't ever call Tyler Perry the new king of black Hollywood ever in your life.

Kev: LOL. Why not? It's true. Watch as he bodies the game with box office movies unlike predecessors - Spike Lee and Antoine Fuqua.

Me: You is blasphemous.

Kev: You is - what is this? The Antebellum South?

Me: Man! I can't respect them Madea pictures. Just can’t.

Kev: But you love Martin...

Me: Yup! Remember that blog, though. I realize that he was shucking and jiving as much as the next man [at the time]. The difference is he's funny. Perry is corny.

Kev: Go see The Family That Preys and tell me if it's corny...

Me: I don't wanna see it. I’m only curious [to see it] because of Sanaa Lathan.

Kev: Go see it.

Me: Sounds like u were impressed?

Kev: I was. Very much so. If he can successfully kill Madea, he can have a great career in Hollywood.

Me: I mean, he already does. He pumps out movies fastand generates lot of money. I just don't want to like him, ok.

I was just busting Kev's balls, pause, but he was right. If we're talking Box Office, the king of Hollywood, period, so happens to be a black man: Will Smith. But if we're talking about targeting the black demo, Tyler Perry flicks generate the most doe right now. Spike Lee and Fuqua's movies are more substantial and just flat out better, but they don't bring in as much mula. I'm not sure Fuqua ever had a hit by Blockbuster standards (100 mill +), but Lee's Inside Man (2006) was the first hit of his then 20-year career.

I remember vowing to never watch Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. But since I was in a relationship (yup, I've been in one of those) at the time, I compromised and saw it at the movies. It turns out, the flick wasn't as God awful as I expected it to be. I saw Why Did I Get Married last fall and enjoyed it. Still, I can't stand Tyler Perry for some reason. Maybe it's because of his horrible movie titles. Similarly, I don't wanna like Young Jeezy, but man... that Recession album is fire.

So my question is, is there something, or somebody you don't want to like? And if so, how do you really feel about it?


hills said...

the fam that preys was actually pretty good homes. no, really...

Gangstarr Girl said...

Tyler Perry is the king of Hollywood for the very reason you cited. But um that's about it. I haven't seen the new flick but I kinda feel like if you've seen one, you've seen them all. *Shrugs.

DJ Daddy Mack said...

There are a few people I cannot like. Shit, some of them are at my school. Fuck them.

MeLa said...

I respect Tyler Perry immensely, and any black man who can win that Hollywood game gets props. But I think his movies are bullshit.

Even in the non- slapstick, "family" movies, his characters and plot lines are one- dimensional and often even caricatures of real people and problems, and are never expressed in a way that makes me want to identify with them.

And even with the Madea and Brown movies and plays... well, I like my funny to be smarter than that. So sue me.

For the record, I don't read the genre of literature I call "niggerbooks", either.. for a similar reason.
You know the books I'm talkin about, too... True to the Game, B More Careful, Dutch, etc... I got no problem with a gangster story if it's not just gratuitous sex and violence for it's own sake. And for God's sake, get editors who can read good!

Farrah said...

I am totally feeling you on this one...Tyler Perry is too predictable, corny and I agree his humor needs to graduate. If you saw the play version of any of his movies, then it was like a waste of time to go see the movie.

My guilty pleasure…Jennifer Lopez. I hate her ‘cause I think she's so so corny and lame. I don't know something is just off about her. But I rock out to almost every song she has (minus the recent Spanish ones). "Jenny from the block", that song with LL and the one with Ja Rule (classics).

PS...Recession is fire!! Carl, don't hate on Jeezy we might have to fight...