Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sarah Palin > Michelle Obama

Before accusing me of being a republican, bare with me.

Me and a few of the fellers, including Mark (proud Palin slugger) briefly discussed John McCain earlier today when the question came up. "Would you f Sarah Palin," one of the fellers asked. Interestingly, we all responded in unison. "Yup! Oh Yeah! Hell yeah!" Don't sleep. Governor Palin is a former beauty pageant contestant. The sisters won't like this one, but we also agreed that given the opportunity, we'd spend the night with Palin rather than Michelle Obama.

I know there's been much talk about Michelle Obama having a subtle bubble, but I personally haven't paid much attention to it. On the flip side, when Palin was announced as McCain's VP, I automatically thought, "she's a good looking lady." Palin isn't a dime or anything. There's just something about her. I doubt it's photoshopped, but I think a lot of cats dig her because of that phony photo circulating with her wearing a bikini.

Let's not get it twisted, I still want Barack Obama to win. So let me ask you guys? Fellers, would you beat Sarah Palin? Ladies, be gentle on us. Barack the vote!


Dove said...

Carl, I adore you but I want to serve you up a knuckle sandwich right now. Davey D just ran a piece on how some white women who supported Barack are flipping over to Palin's side. Dumb yatches don't understand that she doesn't give a shit about women's rights. She cares about guns and killing animals.
You want to give it to her like a man, fine. If someone is going to get fucked, I'd rather it be her and not America for four more years.

Naked With Socks On said...

1) T M I on the anal probing comment. Was that really necessary? Could we have gotten a paraphrase of something? Like, "Uh, one of my friends said Pailin may perhaps enjoy driving down the Hershey Highway or doing it male prisoner style..."

2) Dude, I don't think that flick is photoshopped. She's an avid member of the NRA and I seen other shots of her shooting. Why wouldn't she be at a bbq with a shottie/rifle?

3) Stop beating around the bush. You know who talked about Mrs. Obama's bottom, why you don't say the name's, man? (Naked..) You know who originated the debate, why you don't just say the man's name? (With...) You know who provided documented proof to the theory, but still you won't say the man's name. (Socks...) That's messed up you won't provide a link to help inform you readers by saying the man's name (On).


Adam Bernard said...

That bikini photo is some horrible photoshopping. The skin tones don't even match!

Regardless, Palin is clearly doable... it's why she's pushed out almost an entire elementary school's worth of kids!

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Naked (pause), I know you ain't telling nobody about no damn TMI. Aight then!

Clark Kent said...

I could never go for a Palin-like character, but if you see her daughter's "characteristics," then Mommy Dearest must have some "talents" of her own... That'd be somewhat entertaining, right?

southpeezy said...

that ugly ass picture you used of Michelle doesnt make for a good case, btw. you coulda at least used the Ebony cover or some stills from the night of "obama pound"...

but yeah, damn...ima have to roll with Palin on this one too. im thinking about just smashing though. michelle would be the one that cook the fie ass grits and eggs the next day. but as far as hit and run (and hit again)...ima say Palin.

oh yeah, i agree with the sock guy...TMI on the dukey love.

HOBBS said...


MeLa said...

well... as many times as I've uttered the words "FUCK Sarah Palin", how can i be mad at you?


let her denigrate Obama's record again and Ima punch her in the mouth. Lying whore. Soccer mom on steroids.

KjB said...

It might be just me but Palin reminds me of Elaine on Seinfeld when she had glasses on. I concur with your comment that Sarah looks like dudes be straight im-palin her up the hershey chunnel. I also am not ashamed to say I'd let her explore my southern pole region.

K-Theory said...

OK, the pic mos def is a fake. See the real one here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/doctorcasino/208036176/ along with the story behind it all.

And something about her jawline says I don't wanna touch it.

Think about the fact that she flew more than 8 hours back to Alaska and then drove another 45 minutes out of town to give birth to a child when she could have received good care in the city she was speaking in.

effed up jawline (look like a damn heavyweight boxer) and rushing back to the secret hospital says she's a freak of nature and not in the kind of freaky way I like my women.

Of course she's in to buttery love, she's a shotgun toting man with a halfway decent plastic surgeon.

Steven said...

If I slept with Palin, it would only be to take pictures and spread them around the web ruining her chances of being President. ('cause you know homey is going to die in less than a year and she'll be running the show.)