Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are Men Scared Of Short-Hair Women?

I've never had a problem with short hair.

It's basically like anything else. Some women can pull it off and some can't. I've even seen some gorgeous women with very light ceasars. In their cases, though, their features were pretty flawless, so it worked. I wouldn't advise a woman with a rather large chin and nose to get a Julius. Then again, to each his/her own.

I actually prefer short hair on certain women. Halle Berry, as far as I'm concerned, looks that much better with the shorter do. And while Nia Long looked incredible with the long locks in Love Jones, I think I like her better with the shorter style. Still, us men sort of fear short hair. This girl I liked back in high school had hair down to her back. I remember her pondering on whether or not to drastically cut it. I supported her decision, but deep down I was worried that she may just not be able to pull it off. Sure enough, she did. Mind you, I like short hair, but I somehow wasn't too crazy about the short hair idea. I got sorta nervous.

On the flip side, some men just aren't attracted to short-hair women. I remember debating about this particular short-hair gal with one of my homies not too long ago. We both agreed that she had a cute face, was a great dresser and a great body. Still, my boy just couldn't get past the cut. "I just don't like her hair, though," he confessed.

I'm starting to think men are somewhat uncomfortable with havin longer hair then women, at least the brothers who don't have braids. Shoot! I pretty much had longer hair than all the women I dated during my cornrows stage, even the ones with long hair. My hair wasn't even that long. It was down to my shoulders. But I digress. A friend of mine recently told me that her guy pal strongly advised against cutting her hair. "Nooooo. Have you lost your mind," the guy friend said. Funny how some of us won't tolerate short hair, but then poke fun at the sistahs for having weaves.

Fellers, what do you say? Is my friend's friend a minority? Do we like short hair? If we don't, then why? I dare any man to tell me Halle isn't gorgeous with a short do.


Dallas said...

A pretty chick is a pretty chick especially when she has a smooth bump free neckline.

Do you know Mary Pryor? She is gorgeous. My only problem with the chicks that have the cue-ball haircuts is that they usually have screwed up political values with over the top feminist issues.

Otherwise, I suggest everyone use this guide to understanding Black women's hairstyles...

Naked With Socks On said...

I actually like short haired girls.. baldies an all. Shit's sexy to me IF she can pull it off. Like you said, it's all about the cut fitting the grill piece..

my 2 cents

keep the change

Dare Lewis said...

It depends on when you meet the girl.

For example, BEWARE of a chick you started dating her, and you see a picture of her from a month ago. If she had long hair, the new short haircut is an indication that she just broke up with her man or some major drastic life change.

Special Ed said...

Most guys that i know perfer women with long hair and if they even consider a women with short hairstyles and i'm talking way above the shoulders she must be gorgeous. As a black women yes i'll it admit i have nappy hair. i'm not white european and my haitian roots can claim some indian and spanish descent but i'm black and my hair is different. i perm my hair and its nice soft and flowy and reaches to my shoulders. i abhor weaves but i don't hate on the sisters that rock them. the majority of all afro celebrities are rocking weaves so those of you dreaming of beyonce, tyra and ashanti get over it. i've had a lot of guys tell me why don't you grow out your hair or why don't you do this and the truth is i'm not white and my main concern of my hair is that its there and healthy and shiny. lenght used to be this great concern but then all the chemicals and techniques just hurt the hair leaving you to decide not how long it is but will it even be there? i think men are stuck on the old fashion idea that long hair shows strength and superior feminitity. the damsel in distress is not the female with the caesar. but with the long flowy hair way down to her ass. isn't that the typical male fantasy? short hair shows confidence. it shows control. and to some people it shows that you may be some sort of butch dyke or a tree hugger. at the end of the day it always takes a strong man to handle a strong woman. i just don't think the majority of men are up for the challenge. speak on that

Farrah said...

WOW to Special Ed.
Ain't nothing to say after that but AMEN.
Preach sista...preach!!!

zILLa said...

Race aside... whether or not a guy likes females with short hair is definitely a GENDER issue. And when I say GENDER, I'm really just veiling my opinion on the "temperamental" MALE EGO.

Special Ed is right.

::shots fired::

JOY said...

I'm glad I came acros this blog btw im loving all your posts good stuff.

I'm currently rocking the short hair do like really short Halle short and loving it.
FYI:I cut my hair because it was breaking, I was bored of myself, I needed something new, I needed change, a man did NOT influence my decision

This is what short hair means to me: It means you are not afraid to take risks , it means you are not afraid of CHANGE and looking different from the " beauty norm"( light skin long hair chicks), it means you are confident enough in yourself that you can pull this off... and I respect that! Any man that appreciates a woman with short hair is a respectable man in my books...I mean thats if the woman can pull it off of course...for some women short hair does them no justice.( just keeping it funky)

Nielle said...

thanks for this blog! I just cut all my hair off last night and I think it's the first time in my life I've felt confident enough in myself to do so. But it's true it feels like people think I'm a dyke now or a man-hater. And I'm sorry but just b/c a woman cuts her hair short has nothing to do with her sex drive (as some articles suggest). I think a woman with short hair is probably a dynamo in bed b/c she's not afraid to be herself! Anyway, here's a picture of my do, and I guess I was just researching men's general attitudes toward it being this short....

Term Papers said...

It's basically like anything else. Some women can pull it off and some can't. I've even seen some gorgeous women with very light ceasars. In their cases, though, their features were pretty flawless.

Ronald said...

The science bit...
Every part of our body has a function. If not, it wouldn't be there. Men can grow hair and we have nipples too. Why? Because we derive from women. As single cell organisms women were here first and via insects (just a few males) and animals (equal numbers, but no monogamy yet) we can trace our footsteps back to our roots. Nature doesn't care to much about male hair, hence the baldness patterns.
So why can women grow their hair longer & fuller then men? One is scent. The scent of out spouse arouses us, and 75 to 90% of our feromones are released by our scalp: Hair captures these.
(Unlike dogs, our noses do not align horizontally with our genitals.)
The other one has to do with being fertile. Believe it our not, long hair is a character treat. Unlike men (needing only 5 minutes), it takes women several years to create offspring. The moment they pick poisonous or spoiled berries or have bad (food) hygene they will lose their hair (think chemo). Chances for offspring (pregnancy or breast fed) are cut in half every time this happens.

This isn't much of a problem for men who sleep around, but modern monogamous men are hardly able to procreate when exclusively falling in love with one of the infertile shorthaired women. Making long hair the newest thing in evolution to attract a monogamous male.
Although we now know short hair is seldom caused by illness, our bodies will be less likely to respond. (It's the animal inside of us which falls in love, not our common sense. Since it has taken 5 million years for modern men in general to prefer longer hair, it will take another 5 IF we want it out of our system ;-)
Therefore I cannot have sex, let alone fall in love with short haired women. Not even Berry.

Although hard to tell by facial hair and baldness whether white or black people are further up the ladder, we both take a back seat to Asians.
They have less facial hair & baldness and can grow meters of perfectly straight hair. When it comes to evolution, the Asians are about 1 million years ahead of us.

As Special Ed suggested, short hair shows strength and self-confidence. Sorry but NO: Nature knows best. So racial differences aside, the more you torment your hair the less attractive you get. And obviously, not accepting your NATURAL growth means being LESS CONFIDENT about yourself.
She also suggests long hair lovers are pansies and up for a challenge. Lady, you are absolutely clueless: I'm strong as steel and confident as hell. I just don't see having sex with animals, furniture, other men or he-shes as a challenge. I follow my heart.
Luckily 100% men and 100% women do not exist; that's black and white thinking. We're all on a scale between both stereotype genders. So if you feel happy with your hairdo as a PERSON, more power to you, but don't fool yourself thinking shorter then shoulder is feminine. The average man can grow 60cm, the average women 80cm. The length of mens hair is of less importance, I made it obvious why.
Hair is a body part, just like your legs and kidneys. Maintain it, but don't ruin it is my advice. On a black woman both straight or a big frizzy afro are fine to me. Both are perceived as long/fertile.

And for all whom I haven't bored to sleep yet:
How important is food selectivity for women? It's so important some women starve themselves to death by controlling their intake.
This is called ANOREXIA. On the other side men are given the task to control their environment. We do not always have this luxury, so we get stressed out. The cure for this is the same as the cure for anorexia: Oral sex, kissing & hugging are here to fine tune our hormone levels by exchanging them. It's typical human behavior pushing the envelope. Estrogen deminishes male heart failure, and testosterone helps anorexic women to let go of their underlying fear of food.
The human species isn't that complicated; they just forgot to include a manual.

Anonymous said...

I have a short, very funky and stylish haircut that is very feminine. I always get compliments on it and I get hit on by men. I do however, know that there are men out there that won't date me because of it and it makes me kind of sad. I just rock it anyways though :)