Monday, October 6, 2008

Can A Man Find Another Man Attractive (Pause)?

Duh! That's why there's seemingly more fa'nooks than straight dudes nowadays. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Shoot! More girls for the rest of us.

But I'm talking about a straight man finding another man attractive. So, the same girl who asked me about the freakin Hills, asked me if I had any cute friends the other day."No clue," I responded shrugging my shoulders. "Girls say girls are pretty all the time, why can't you guys say it," she countered. "Well, actually guys say girls are pretty all the time too," I replied. I knew what she meant, though. Dude, I really think she was serious. Like, she was really waiting for an explanation. I think she still may be waiting as we speak.

As homophobic as some of us dudes can be, there are always settings in which we're more comfortable complimenting or receiving compliments from other men. For instance, it's no issue coming from our pops, uncles, brothers, cousins or even some close (gotta pause) friends, but that's just about where it stops. Like, you could be seeing your cousin for the first time in a while and tell him, "You're looking good, man." Like, it's appropriate in certain scenarios, but becomes questionable when it's a bit too random. It's not like running around calling dudes cute or anything. I went out for my boy Sam please say the Ed's birthday not too long ago and this dude at the bar told me, "Yo! I'm straight as fuck, but you a good looking dude." It kinda bothered me at first, but dude didn't seem too fa'nooky, (not that there's anything wrong with that) so that's probably why I stayed calm. He was clearly a humping-everything-that-moves hoe chasing type, so I just brushed it off. He started introducing me to all types of pelicans, so I think he wanted us to tag team on some fried chicken.

See, for the most part, men (me included) will never admit it, but we do know when another man's attractive, or not. We just won't say it. We'll call a friend a pretty boy. That's an indirect way of acknowledging his good looks. If a female friend brings up another man's good looks, we may say, "I can't front" or "yea, he's doing his thing." Mind you, how in the hell is a man doing his thing. We're discussing looks, here. But keeping it vague keeps us comfortable, so that's what we do. We'll call a man ugly, which means we must know what a good looking man is by default. For example, I remember being on the phone with this shorty one time and she asked me if I had any single friends. My boy, who is a cool dude, but so happens to be facially challenged, overheard the question and inquired about a potential hook-up. So when the "is he cute" question came up, I handed him the phone and let him sell himself. See, the Hills chick's friend wasn't cute, so I wasn't about to do one of my boys like that, pause. On the flip side, I'm realistic when it comes to my boys. If someone wants to get hooked up, I know which ones are likely to get the better response.That's another indicator.

Any of you fellers care to take the extreme route and disagree with my theory? What are the ladies thinking? Take it away...


Gangstarr Girl said...

LOL Men are funny.

"If a female friend brings up another man's good looks, we may say, "I can't front" or "yea, he's doing his thing."

And that comment is hilarious because that's actually how I get men to acknowledge another man. *DEAD

But for real, I know there are certain homo-ish things that str8 men can't get away with, but women can, but what's the big deal with calling another man attractive. Geez. Like you said, men know what's attractive. Where's the harm in admitting it especially if you're comfortable with who you are. It's not like you're rolling up to dudes like [insert gay parody voice here] "Heeeeey almondy."


MeLa said...

I have a friend who, if you ask him if one of his friends is attractive, will reply "I mean, he gets b*tches."


Dude at the bar was trying to make himself your number 2 to help his chances. funny stuff.

Paul Cantor said...

I have no problem acknowledging a man who, regardless of whether you're a guy or chick, is clearly handsome. Now, the word attractive denotes some type of lure, an attraction, if you will. And that to me, is something completely different. A lot of it just comes down to the way you word things. I might phrase an answer to a question about how another guy looks like, "Sure, he's a handsome guy. Women find him attractive." If I were to find him attractive personally though, well that'd assume he's attracting me. And that'd be kinda gay. So no, I can't find a man attractive.

That said, I compliment guys (and women) on how they look all the time though, and never feel any which way about it. It's a social thing in the context that it generally exists in my life.

Farrah said...

"Heeeey Almondy"...LMAOROTF...
I almost spit out my coffee on that one!

I usually wait till around my lunch break to indulge in your "oh so funny" blogs. But this time, just off the title alone made me double click the link. And boy-oh-boy was it worth it.

You are hilarious!

You have a friend that is "facially challenged". Is there a special olympics for that?

Funny shit man...funny shit!

Oh yeah, comment: Most men are insecure, that's why they can't comment on another mans sexy. And I agree with's all about how you say it.