Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't Run Up On Me, You Might Get Kimbo Sliced....

Those of you who know me already know this. I pretty much live in my own world.

I stroll around walking into walls. Walk nose-deep into a magazine and actually stop at red lights and intersections with my head still down, pause. Every now and then I read about pedestrians being killed by curb-jumping cars and try to snap out of it. But a few days later, it's back to my old ways.

I remember being on the phone with my boy Mark while somebody got shot about 30 feet from me at the laundromat. I didn't panic. But that's actually a bad thing. I just stood there and actually started walking towards the victim. SMH! It loosely went a little something like this.



Me[To Mark]: Something is going on on the block. I see these two dudes running.

[Me [Slowly Walking]: Dude! I think somebody just got shot.

[Me [Walking closer to the action]: Oh shoot! Somebody did get shot. Let me call you back.

I stayed around the scene for a minute, reminded myself that I need to be more alert and again went back to my old habits a few days later. But I need to snap out of it once and for all. I need to be like this guy. The homie Maurice Garland just sent me this clip of this kid promptly decking some goof who tried to scare him by popping out of a dumpster. Dude! No hesitation. He punched him in the mask and immediately put his guard up. Incredible! See for yourself.

Never Suprise a Blackman - Comedy (Real Funny) - I dont know

I probably would have turned around, looked at him and then resumed the interview. How do you guys think you'd react to a similar scenario?

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tffhthewriter said...

I would have probably popped him and then fell like a baby, then turned into the incredible My reflexes are ridiculous, but so is my fear-flexes.