Monday, October 20, 2008

I Keep Meeting The Same Girl Over And Over...

I tend to meet the same type of women.

Unfortunately, it may say a lot about me and since I'm poultry prone, I guess I should be ashamed of myself. Good thing I always walk around with my inhaler. But there always seems to be a pattern with the women I meet. For instance, every single woman I've met in the past month has either been from Harlem or The Bronx. I won't give you a number, but it's enough to be an interesting coincidence. Mind you, I mostly hang out in Brooklyn, but I still meet chicks from up there. I guess it won't do me much good since I hate going past 60th street.

But I seem to always go through phases. At one point, every woman I met had a man. I went through two patterns during my College/Red Lobster days. At one point, I kept meeting girls from Long Island University. Before that, it was single Haitian mothers from Canarsie up in Brooklyn. That's a pretty specific pattern.

As a teenager, I went through a long ass Melanie phase. The encounters were pretty spaced out, but I met an insane amount of Melanies at the time. Actually, the ex I mentioned in last night's blog was a Melanie. And of course, I've met my share of pelicans, ostriches, doves, swans, ducks, canaries and woodpeckers over the years. Atchoo!

What about you guys? Do you seem to always run into a particular type? Any patterns? I'm waiting on my Paula Patton look-a-like phase. Fingers crossed.


Marvelous Mo said...

**Used to be a slue of BK guys coming around...wait, that's still going on.

**Too many guys lately have jacked up hairlines... and the damn Yankee Fitted works in their favor. How are you under 27 with a receding hairline?

**Oh, the popular ones right now are the guys who are economically self sufficient and use that as a reason to holler. But these guys are cornier than Oprah's feet. []

**And as long as I look 19 years old, the men old enough to be my father & grandfather will be a consistent pattern until I physically age.

Dallas said...

Arrrrgh! I hate that pic where Oprah is about to give birth to the sixth toe.

Jackpot, let's face it, you are attracted to a type. When I was your age I used to go through those phases where I fucksed with a "type".

Just like I went through phases where I had to eat a certain cereal every single day, even for dinner. Damn, I miss my FrankenBerry and 2% milk.

Fam, you gotta stretch out into other scenes. I thought I saw you one time at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. That scene is great for bagging up a BK shorty.

Only problem is that 95% of broads from Brooklyn have no jobs or they work for some crazy not-for-profit which means they only have money for their weed or yayo.

Look on the bright side, per capita, Bronx broads are born freaks. You ever se that HBO series from Hunts Point?

Professor Ice said...

First of are hillarious..2nd yes I have a type or so I am told. I guess I do have to agree when I go back and examine my paterns but what's funny is that my pattern shows that I'm more attracted to the light to medium skin average hieght boy who wants to always play the "too cool for school role" and this is the exact opposite of who I see myself with (more the like chocolate drop who towers over me-6'1 and above please- and could care less about coolness..he got me.


Carl, how many Isis' have you met?? lol

Professor Ice said...

And umm Dallas..what's wrong with working for a non profit?? I ain't Jim Jones ballin but word to Ne-Yo, I Gots This and how many people do you know who can say they love what they do??

MeLa Machinko said...

Umm... excuuuuse me, Mr. DALLAS. But perhaps it could be YOU attracting all the BK birds. As a representative of BK, BORN and BRED and perfectly self sufficient, I cannot stand by and let you perpetuate that lie from the pit of hell. hmph!

... now that i got that off my chest-

I seem to be attracting younger men these days. Its actually pretty fuckin funny. A 22 yr old called me a 'cougar'. (He was trying to holla tho, LOL)

Can you be a cougar when you're not even 30??


I definitely have a type. unfortunately he never wants me. I want the Idris Elba's. But they always want the... well, the Paula Patton's. The 80's light and bright curly haired, grey eyed 'pretty' ass dudes seem to love me.


Is there some kind of secret campaign black folks are waging unbeknownst to me, to end color/ class issues, one light brown complected, bushy/ curly haired baby at a time?


Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Guys, the patterns actually have nothing to do with looks.Do you really think I would aim for single Haitian mothers? I love Haitians, love mothers, but come on! I usually find these things out later on and realize I'm on a new pattern.

Mela, you are way too young to be a cougar. I think cougars should start at 35 or something. Matter fact, I'm ready for a cougar pattern.

Isis, if my memory serves me right, you're the only Isis I've ever known. Unless you wanna count that R&B group that had that single with Jadakiss a while back. You know, the group with Meagan Good's sister in it?

Dallas, you are too much.

Anonymous said...

I keep meeting dudes in the same i feel your pain. oh well life goes on...and you'll run into the right one

AA said...

I tend to meet the same men as well..Unavailable lol If they're not out of the country, then they're taken, if they're not taken, then they're focused on their careers, if they're not focused on their careers, then they they're immature and/or insecure and I don't want 'em lol I've gotten used to it though, luckily i'm still (fairly) young, so I can bounce around if I were looking to settle down, this would pose a HUGE problem...

Edwith said...

I've met my share of pelicans, ostriches, doves, swans, ducks, canaries and woodpeckers over the years

please be specific in this catagorization of females. i'm interested to know what that means

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

They're all birds, Edwith. For instance, Superhead is a woodpecker.

Janee TMB said...

There was a time when it seemed like every guy I met sold weed. Not necessarily a bad thing for a puffaholic like me.

dom said...

I had to comment just because this has SO been my life for about a year now. I dont have a physical type, but I seem to keep meeting engineers.

I would believe that it had something to do with the places I hang out, but I have met three in three different states and settings. The first in NC, the second in MA, and the last one in FL.

By the time I got to the FL dude who was nearly the same height as the first eng., I found out he was also from MD and even went to the same school as the first. Ironically, he was originally from Ghana and the new dude Im dating now is from there as well. At least Mr. New Booty isnt an engineer! Lol!

Thanks for this, I thought I was the only one this happened to!