Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Love Black People, But I Can't Stand Niggers...

I say this every now and then when I see black folks acting a monkey. And I do so unapolegetically.

Some of you may have noticed that I don't use the N-word. I may quote it, playfully say negro or negra, but I don't actually use it. I don't think I deserve a cookie or anything. That's just me. The thing is, I've been called that word in its integral context one too many times to consider it a term of endearment. I must have been 6 or 7 when it first happened. Mind you, I was insulted by my peers, which is pretty sad when you think about it. It's scary to think that kids know to use such a powerful slur at such an early age.

If it wasn't the N-word, I got asked some of the dumbest questions you couldn't imagine. This white girl once asked me if my Dick Johnson was also black like the rest of my body, numerous kids have asked me if I wish I was white. The list goes on. Some were genuinely racist, but others just didn't know any better. After all, some folks' only glimpse into the Black experience comes from rappers, black actors, athletes and the freaking news paper. Not always the best look. I'm telling you, if it's not one thing, it's another.This guy in High School used to ask me why I didn't walk with a limp. He was a pure wigger. At times, it's as if he thought he was blacker than me. His reference? Why, the TV and a couple of rap videos of course.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Young Afro-Americans depicted in the media are the black men's poster children worldwide. So there's a chance the only black kid in an Australian, Canadian or French (or even some parts of the U.S.) school is expected to walk with a limp, talk loud, carry a gun, dance well, speak badly, etc. etc. Hell! They expect you to do that in New York City. But having been through something similar, I despise stereotypes to this day. That may just be the only instance in which I'll use the N-word. To point out some niggeRs.

Before going any further, I must stress how beautiful my black folks are. There's nothing like being around black folks feeling it in church, or to see my people celebrating at a wedding. Perhaps one of the most incredible experience I had was college graduation. I remember walking and seeing every black person look at me and nod. They didn't know me from a hole in the wall, but the look on their face and the nod said it all. They were proud of me. It was an incredible feeling.

I love black people, but I can't stand niggers. There's this thing I have a hard time explaining. Ignorant niggers have this look in their eyes when they're talking shit. Notice I'm not censoring myself as I usually do. So these ignorant niggers be talking shit with a stare so blank you'd swear they're cross-eyed. My homie Jayson sent me a clip earlier today that had me shaking my head in shame. The clip could be old, but that's not the point. It features these dudes "battling" in what could be the projects. The lead niggorant character keeps referring to the area as Tha Carter (not the New Jack City building). Perhaps some of you are familiar with it. I don't know why they were trying to battle, cause they clearly weren't rappers. Here's an excerpt from the main dude.

"Fuck all the talkin', he's tryin' to do that nice guy shit/You come to The Carter, you gon leave with your life and shit/I keep a bad bitch sucking on my dick and shit/You got a problem, I will fuck you up, word to my momma and shit" -Niggorant Dude

What the hell is he talking about? First off, grouped together, "and shit" are the most two useless words in the english language. There's no need for me to say, "I'm writing a blog and shit." The point is already made by "blog," so no need to add "and shit." Anyway, take a look at the clip and watch how niggorant it gets.

I swear, I take this stuff personal. Like, it pisses me off. But let's be honest. There isn't much I can do. Still, I love black people, but I can't stand niggers.


Dove said...

That's some sickening shit. The sad thing is, it's these celebrities that make these dummies think this type of thing is cool. We've got 35+ year old men running around NY beating people up over chains. We've got grown ass men "beefing" over who is more hood when they know damn good and well they grew up with both parents, went to good schools, etc.
They really have these kids in the streets thinking that shit is cool.

Notice how the dummy punching the other dummy was just showing off, and no one except the camera man even attempted to stop his madness at any point? Retards.

I don't care how dumb people get, it won't spark me to use the 'n' word ever. Lord knows there enough stupid white people that could outshine this dumbshit any day - just take a good trip through any trailerpark in hicksville USA and you'll find them.

I wonder if these idiots know that they govt is getting more funding for prisons than schools... just waiting on their stupid asses to do shit like this. But naw, they probably don't know about that in Tha Carter. All they need is a hot 16 and a mean sucker punch and they're good.

MeLa Machinko said...

the worst thing about that clip is how he hits the slow guy. there's a special place in hell for that idiot.

Interesting and timely that this should be your blog topic. I had an entertaining encounter with a niggerant individual today. I'll give you the highlights.

It led off with a typical "You got a nasty attitude" (I hadn't spoken a word to him) and "you think you're better than me" (I don't know this guy at all, he simply lives in my complex) and "that white corporate talk don't mean nothin over here (do people still say that?).

Then it picked up with steam with a few "I'm a boss" and "I'm a goon" declarations and a hearty "DIS MY HOOD!! I RUN SHIT!!" for good measure,

And when he couldn't bully me into... well, I'm still not clear what his motivation was... but when I wasn't impressed with and cowed by his bullet wounds and myriad tattoos, he came back around with a very amusing "I can tell you're like me, shawty.. you don't give a fuck.. you boutcho paper. you hood."


After he made himself my friend and asked me to sing a hook on his song (of COURSE he raps, did you doubt it? allegedly about to be signed to Murder Inc, no less!!) he half asked/ half threatened to shoot up my door if I reported him to the complex's corporate office (his fiancee is the LEASING MANAGER).

... and then he tried to holla.

I swear, my life is a sitcom.

Ignorant people wear me out in general. Its definitely more of a disappointment when it's ignorant black people. Just hurts more cuz they're mine.

OranguDANG said...

I guess where we have to be careful is the assumption that if you say such a thing, so can any person of another color. The lines of political correctness get blurred, and those who by all intents and purposes are racist think they're just stating fact.

"Black people say it, so why can't I?" I hear this often, and it confuses me. I believe if you don't want to use the n-word, then you shouldn't, because it's usually out of kindness that someone makes such a decision. But let's face it, it's the 2000's, and if any culture on this earth has learned to make good use out of something which is seen as negative, it's American black culture. This is the foundation of some of the greatest forms of art in the 20th century, and throughout time. So turning the "n-word" on it's head and using it as a term of endearment is great.

But again, the lines get blurred. So maybe it's a word with such negative connotations that we need to take a second look at it and reconsider whether it's worth using all together. But if those who care to stop using it do, who's to say that those who want to use it negatively will refrain as well?

It's seems outlandish, but maybe it's best that we keep it as a term of endearment, and use it more profusely. This way the negative version will lose it meaning altogether. Maybe this is the reason for it's new-found use within the cultural subconscious. Such is the nature of human language.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

That's my word, Mela. I got annoyed just reading your comment. "I'm a goon!" How about, "I'm from so and so" or "You don't know me." The funny thing about those declarations is they mostly unprovoked. Like, you be going about your damn business and some dude me like, "you don't know me." I know, you moron. Now get out my way. I mean, I'm exaggerating. But you see what I'm saying.

dayzblack said...

Yeah, I saw this shit. Horrible.

It's funny because I saw it on worldstarhiphop or some site like that, and the comments were worse than the clip itself, if you can imagine.

The few that did not approve, only did so because the guy got sucker punched.

Damn! Can two rappers freestyle without it going any further nowadays?! It's really not that serious.

@ Mela's "I'm a goon" encounter.

That has to be the most niggerific shit nowadays, "I'm a goon". That's supposed to be a new respected vocation nowadays. How do you tell your grandmother you're a "goon" for Jeezy*?!

This world is crazy.

Keep the posts coming Carl.

*Just using Jeezy as an example, I don't want his goon personnel coming for me.

Janee TMB said...

LOL @ dayzblack not wanting the Jeezy personnel coming after him.

I saw this clip too and gave the standard SMH... The ignorance is sad -- and Carl I grew up in Iowa so I got the dumbass questions all the time too.

There's really not much of a solution for this aside from doing our best to make sure the younger generation has better examples. On that note, I think I'll go vote for Barack today -- polls open early this year.

Epsilonicus said...

First of all, the dudes in this video had no talent. All I heard is gangster, guns, pussy, guns, money, guns, oh yeah im a gangster. And it was not even witty or funny. Secondly, punching a slow person is ill. That is some really ill behavior. The first dude is not even a man for that one. You do not sucker punch a mentally ill person.

The fact that no one makes a decent attempt to stop him just shows how sick our community is. Someone showed me this and thought it was funny. I find it sad and atrocious.

martine said...

yo i felt so emberrased watching this. im at work and these 2 polish chicks asked me what the hell those guys were doing. i so feel u on this entry carl!

AA said...

I didn't watch the video, because I'm sensitive about my people making a fool of themselves. But I did read the post after being prompted too by Geezy... But I know what you mean Carl...I don't use the N word either, probably because my mother raised my brothers and I not to use ANY cuss words at all, so the most i'll say is an ish, ass or stupid...not even f's unless i'm trying to illustrate a point on AIM, but aloud, never..So of course the N word is 1st in that list of words I have never, and will never use...though I do see your point in the addition of the 'er'

I know I may get some backlash from people, but I think some Black Americans who are raised here have this feeling of hopelessness, because they can't trace back their familial roots and in turn, they have no sense of community, so they treat everything in their lives with obvious contempt, or disregard, more so than some other races.

But at the same time it stems back to slavery, and the Black family unit as a whole being shattered, so are they really to blame, or can they pass the blame off? When is it time to start taking responsibility for your actions?

I know, myself as a Ghanaian (1st generation American) and my friends who are all mostly first generation americans (Jamaican, Dominican, Nigerian etc) all have this thing where if we see something that an ignorant Black person has done, we'll say "Is he/she 'American'?, and then after that we'll dismiss it, because "we know."

Alot of foreigners would not be caught dead doing some of these "n----rant" things as you called it, because we were raised with totally different values, morals, standards etc. And there is a huge difference when it comes to 1st generation Americans and Black Americans in some cases, most of them being these "n----rant" issues.

But at the end of the day, we're all BLACK people, and so it still pains me to see my BLACK people obviously hurting. I just hope once Barack initiates "change" Black people as a whole will realize just how important that word is in the scope of their own lives...

Sorry for the semi-rant dot dot dot

Anonymous said...

ive got to say that I have tried to stop racist thoughts from going through my head my whole life. Now that im older I think these black people that have this thug act are so incompetent and it makes me group all black people in this category. I have tried to put these thoughts out of my head but now that im older I can't stop the racism that this kind of stuff brings. As much as I know it's wrong to think this way I am sure I'm not the only one. If black people want to stop racism they should start acting like they dont think this dumb shit is cool. Honestly every time I see some black dude acting this way I just think the whole race is incompetent. Sorry but im sure this is why most white people hate blacks. They cant understand how people can be so stupid to think they look cool acting this way. The fact is where I live 19 out of 20 act like this.

shelbyblue said...

Where is the march on ignorance,Jessie,Al,The black church need to march on the radio stations and recording studios who promote ignorance. The Hood had it's voice now ALL the little black children wan't to be trash mouth sloppy dressing aimless fools thanks BET and MTV

Anonymous said...

i really thought that video was just a wack freestyle until he didnt give the watch back & the ending was so niggerish to the point i was genuinely surpised lol