Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Songs I Love, But Can't Sing Along To...

Hall & Oates...

I swear I must burn calories when I clean out my apartment.

I was scrubbing, dusting and sweeping earlier this week and had Hall & Oates, Michael McDonald, Phill Collins, Madonna, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston blaring out the speakers. [Blogger's Note: I just realized Houston is the only non-white artist I just listed.] I really get into it when cleaning. I'm Sheryl Crow two-stepping, making up silly moves and singing out loud. I'm performing, man. At least until the wrong (right) song comes on.

Whitney Houston...

So my Whitney Houston segment is nearing its end when "I'm Every Woman" comes on. I loves that song. Much respect due to Chaka Khan, but I think it's one of the rare instances where the remake surpassed the original. It's an incredible song, an incredible song I can't sing along to. Well, at least the intro, the chorus and the outro. "I'm every woman, it's all in me." Picture me singing that.

But wait, there are many more. Remember Karyn White's "Superwoman?" Incredible! But it just wouldn't make sense coming from me.

Early every morning
I put breakfast on your table
And make sure that your coffee
Has its sugar and cream
So far, so good. I look like a woman's dream man cooking her breakfast and stuff.

Your eggs are over easy, your toast done lightly

Yeaaaah, girl! I cooks a mean omelette. I is nasty with spatula.

All that's missing is that morning kiss
That you used to greet me

Now you say the juice is sour
It used to be so sweet
And I can't help, but to wonder
If your talking about me

Ok! I think the juice part may need a pause coming from me, but the rest still works.

She then goes on, "I have my pride, I will no cry. But it's making me weak" before declaring, "I'm not your superwoman." That just doesn't work for me. I mean, it really isn't that serious. But it's kinda funny that I turn mute whenever that part comes on. I may skip gender specific lyrics, but I've shower sung along a few women empowerment singles. I remember hitting the Heart Of The City concert with Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige. MJB went into her classics and we just lost it. I'm looking around and every dude, me and my homies included, are singing along to "Not Gon Cry." It was nuts. The funny thing is we ended up reciting borderline male bashing songs. Oh well!

Maybe some of you girls think Khia's too nasty to sing along to "My Neck, My Back." Then again, maybe some of ya'll are trying to send a message. Is there any song you love, but just can't sing along to? It may not be for content reason. To this day, I can't remember CL Smooth's lyrics on "They Reminisce Over You." I don't know why. I love that song and heard it a million times, but I just know a little bit of it. What about you guys?


Janee TMB said...

Your superwoman lyrics need a lil work.I feel you though, I have some trouble singing along to "Cater 2 U" sometimes - wayyyyy too subservient. Funny stuff.

MeLa said...


That song just makes me uncomfortable.
I'm working on that, tho. hehe

If there is any song I love but have a problem singing along to, it would be "xxxplosive". That song contains the dopest, most mysoginistic lyrics in hip hop. LOVE that song... but...

"don't tease, b*tch, strip tease, b*itch, eat a bowl of these, b*tch, gobble a d*ck."


Rosy said...

I have a problem singing along to Akon's "I wanna love you". I don't especially love this song, but I admit it's catchy. I'm not a hardcore feminist but this song is really offensive to women.

tffhthewriter said...

this blog is hilarious but true-I love sone very mysoginistic songs like Jay-Z's "Is that your chick", but I just flip the gender, then it's a-ok. But I'm sooorry, you will never catch me singing/rapping "My neck my back", that is just soo wrong. In the words of "Sheneneh", I'm a laaady! lol