Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yes! I Went Shoe Shopping At Macy*s...

This blog has to be balanced. If I speak on my zero bird tolerance policy, I should also share times women had me acting way out of character.

See, I bring up Stacey Dash and Reagan Gomez jokingly, but most of you take it seriously. Sidebar: Everyday Women > Hollywood Celebrities. Anyway, there's this girl I really liked at one point. She was actually the first girl I liked in a minute. I'd go on longer lunch breaks just to meet her for a few minutes, but I liked her so it was worth it.

As macho as I can be, I'm not opposed to chick flicks. When Harry Met Sally is a freakin'classic. I may consider seeing a Tyler Perry flick for the right shorty. But shoe shopping? Uh huh! Pftttt! I don’t even go shoe shopping with my sisters. I surely would have laughed at dudes shoe shopping right until shorty asked me: "You wanna go to Macy*s with me?”

See, she said it half jokingly, and I don’t think she expected me to say yes. But I felt like seeing her, so I was with it. I won’t lie, I caught myself off guard and kinda thought, “Shoe shopping, really?” I think she knew it was out of character, so she gave me an opportunity to weasel out of it. But hey…I said I would go, so I went.

You should have seen me all paranoid and constantly scoping Macy*s' perimeter. I would purposely trail behind in case somebody saw me. That way, I could pretend I just conveniently got lost on the women’s shoes floor. I had it all covered. If I got caught, I’d just randomly yell out, “Can somebody please tell me where the freakin' Polo section is? Gosh! I can't get no help around here. Oh, what up, Mark?” I couldn’t focus when she asked for my opinion, ‘cause I was too busy looking out.

Sherri Shepperd (The View)

We even saw Sherri Shepperd from The View buying shoes there. Poor thing! She was just looking around waiting for people to recognize her. She must have known I was being paranoid. She gave me the, “What the fruck are you doing here?” look. And then it happened. I’m slowly trailing my lady friend when I suddenly see a former female co-worker. Dude, I plunged behind the couch ASAP. Ok, maybe not, but I spun around and kinda hid behind one.

Anyhow, I don’t expect the fellers to start sharing shoe shopping experiences, but I’ll ask anyway. You know, it’s not accurate to call it out of character, because if I got married or had a girlfriend, I’d definitely go shoe shopping with her (as little as possible). I mean, that’s what compromise is all about, right? You don’t necessarily go because you want to, but you want to because it makes her happy. Then when she asks you, "Did you have fun" you tell her you had a "fabulous" (pause) time. But, at the time, being that we weren’t on a Macy*s level, it was sort of out of character. So, any of you fellers gonna come clean about similar experiences? Ladies, has a guy you dated ever agreed to doing something that sort of surprised you?

Ok, now back to our regular bird ranting and pelican bashing program. :) I kid, I kid!


Gangstarr Girl said...

Aw Carl, how nice of you. I can't think of anything a man's done that was kind of girly that a man's done but I'll report back when I do lol.

Naked With Socks On said...

don't see the big deal. It's just shoes... i've done that and regular shopping with chicks all the time. i just hate going into the underwear section with a chick, i always feel dirty.

But i don't see a prob with shoe shopping because i'll be quick to ask a chick to come shopping with me, because girls always have an eye for what's fly and sometimes opening you up to something dif

The Cocoa Luv Chronicles said...

Good for you making a step with a chick in the WORST shoe dept in the city. Lol. I did have a friend come with me once to find some shoes, he only complained about three times so I think that he might've enjoyed himself. And of course Ans would feel dirty in the underwear section HA.

Janee TMB said...

I don't like to bring boys with me shopping. Just give me the credit card and let me loose please (just jokes, sorta). That was really nice of you though Carl. Now maybe if you had bought some shoes for her I could stop calling you cheap :-)

Janice Lois said...

I have twenty pairs of shoes in my collection & I just love shopping for them.