Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can Barack Obama Hail A Cab For Me?

Yes he can. I mean, I always send my light skinted friends to hail the cab, so I have no doubt Barack Obama can get one to stop.

Unless it's a tough area, my friends usually get a cab to stop within minutes. But I remember failing to get a cab for nearly an hour on a cold February or March night earlier this year. Obama had just come off an impressive primary win over Hillary Clinton and I couldn't help but think: "We may have a black president soon, but my black ass still can't catch no cab." Well, since it isn't cold yet. I'm bout to stand in the middle of Broadway and try to catch me a high yellow car just because. And I'll purposely do so when I have abso-freakin-lutely nowhere to go. And if a cabbie so happens to stop and asks me where I'm going, I'll simply reply, "Nowhere! I was just checking" before lifting my first up and adding, "OBAMA!"

But seriously, now that he's won, it's just gonna be interesting to see the dynamic between ethnicities, especially in a city as cosmopolitain as New York. As I've mentioned before, my neighborhood is mainly comprised of eastern europeans, a little bit of latinos (good looks on them votes, yo) and me, the black dude. So I'm trying to catch some shuteye last night and some drunken wigger kids are up playing sloppy basketball and screaming what else, "Obama!" This morning I drop my trash off and walk into what appears to be the tail end of a political conversation. This republiCAIN looking dude says something to the effect of, "It's a day like any other day" before getting his whispering on when he sees me. Minutes later, I come face-first with this older Russian dude who couldn't help but stare and give me the "I can't believe you niggers did it" look. I swear, dude looked like he wanted to Jesse Jackson my nuts, pause. Moments later, I'm on the train with my Obama newspapers and the vibe was different. Some just awkwardly looked away, others acted like I just graduated and gave me the "you must be proud" look.

What about you guys? What was the vibe like when you went to work this morning. I can live what happened today. It's no biggie. I just hope it doesn't get worse.

PS: It's no time for you negras to pull out folding chairs and start acting a monkey. It's really on now. And by the way, blaming the man is gonna be a tricky thing to do, so I suggest you get off your ass and do something. And don't think police ain't finna still shoot yo black ass neither.


DJ Daddy Mack said...

Real talk on all of this.

KjB said...

I was relieved and happy that my mother could see this happen since she was around for WWII and the Civil Rights Era. Maybe the cops here in OH will swing their batons a little softer when they are beating me for being black on a Tuesday (that's a code 375 I think). Hopefully this will make it okay for young black people to think its cool to be booksmart AND streetsmart now.

MeLa Machinko said...

i love it!

i can't catch a cab either (unless i give a lil shimmy... but that causes all sorts of its own problems.. tee hee). a cabbie was once nice enough to tell me that it wasn't personal, just economics. "You look like you're going to Brooklyn or the Bronx. I want to stay on the island." Fucker.

A russian couple gave my mom the gas face last night, started pointing and whispering and eyeballing. my mom pointed to herself and replied "Me? Yes! I DO look like Obama! Yes We Can!"

They got up rolled out. hehe.

My mom aint no punk.

Farrah said...
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Farrah said...

When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I felt like I was in a different country. I don’t know...People were still screaming Obama and honking horns. In Brooklyn there were even fire crackers and some Jamaican guy screaming “Bullet…Bullet".

Well anyway, I’m so excited about the level of esteem a black man can now look up to now in America.

But I still can’t help to wonder…How many Barack Johnson’s and Obama Jones’ will there be in the Kings County nursery next month! LOL!! My people…You cant be mad!!

JNOTA said...

carl, we already discussed this stuff. so, i'm just here to spam your post with damu's "yes we can" instrumental:

Rob said...

yeah man he won, its so historic... kinda crazy when you think about it that it hasnt happened sooner. But this is America.

Still we have a lot of work to do, Obama is the first Black President, let's ensure that he isn't the last.

Mama Gone Wild said...

I feel you on no longer "blaming the man." This has definitely changed my dating criteria too. I was always one to overlook a few things here and there, cause I love my Black men (and men in general, but mostly Black men). But, the standards have been raised. Now that I know what we are capable of, no more free passes.

LowKey said...

God dammit@ Momma Gone Wild. Does that mean I can't BS my way through life knowing this Obama character has upped the anty on being successful? SHIT!

Aside from my absurd remarks, it's a great feeling seeing Obeezy (too early for the nicknaming?) rise to the occasion and handle his business like we knew he was going too.

Honestly, the pointing and resentful banter should only last for a couple more months, hopefully. And if doesn't well, I'm sure the next 4 years will be extremely interesting.

Question: How many "Obama Did It" type rap verses/songs/tributes are we going to hear between now and January.

Sidebar: Catching a cab will probably remain the same unless Obama is hailing one with us. Black President or White President, these Cabbies hate them some Negros!

Eb the Celeb said...

YEs we can and YES WE did... and seeing Jesse cry just made me sick to my stomach... nothing he does is my eyes is ever genuine