Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Girly Guys: The Feminization Of Straight Men

It never ceases to amaze me how often chicks fall out with one another.

Every now and then, I bump into an old co-worker or college buddy and ask about their homegirl only to find out they're "not cool anymore." It's pretty common. To let some women tell it, other chicks are catty, trifling, sneaky and dishonest backstabbers so they'd rather hang with dudes. Not to say dudes never snake one another, it just doesn't happen as much...For now.

Hearing my homegirls vent on the guys they've been dating, girly dudes are becoming quite trendy. I'm not talking about wardrobe, like... wearing scarves inside, but behavior. So if this keeps up I doubt girls will wanna hang out with men who act like chicks if they can't stand estrogen in the first place. So, after consulting a few homegals, I thought I'd list several ways men are becoming girlier.

GOSSIP: There's a fine line between gossip and back talk. Let's face it, we all talk behind people's backs (minus my boys EP and Roberto), but gossipers are plain nosy. They run with information whether it's confirmed or not -often spreading rumors in the process. For instance, my girl (friend) went to a function with her platonic friend (who so happens to like her) not too long ago. To make a long story short, her friend's acquaintance tried to holler unsucessfully. Next thing you know, the platonic friend confronted my homegirl on some, "I heard you gave so and so your number." Sounds like a pathological gossiper to me. A) Dude wasn't even there when his boy tried to holler. B) He got his information from a third party. C) He chose to run with unconfirmed info rather than check with my homie first.

HE SAY, HE DID: This is definitely an extension of gossiping. It's like romantic snitching. A man should never tell another man's business to get out of the dog house or make himself look better. That's one of the foundations of the G Code (Guy Code). I myself got wind of some stiletto ass negros I barely know spreading my business earlier this year. If the gossip wasn't straight out fabricated, it undoubtedly was reported based on third party information. That is so high pitch!

SIDEBAR: Be on the lookout. Sam please say the Ed and I are currently working on a short film entitled, The G Code starring the original Bedford Boys, Dallas Penn, Mark Lelinwalla and others.

TMI: There comes a point in a relationship where girls don't wait for you to ask about their day and just go in. They'll talk about getting their nails done, going to the spa and a bunch of crap dudes don't give damn about. But we know better, so we listen. Guys ask each other about their day too. We say, what up, what's new, what's the latest, what's good, etc, etc. But I'll be darned if some dude just starts telling me about his day without me asking him the deal. Example:

[Guys walks up to me and shakes my hand]

Guy: Yeah, this morning I woke up, yawned then took a shower, ate breakfast, went to the bookstore...

[I look at Guy crazy]

Then I called my homegirl, she didn't pick up, so I called her again. She finally picked up, so we went to lunch, had a glass of wine, it wasn't good. Then I went to the movies, it was sold out...Dude, shut up!

SHE DIDN'T CALL: This one is hilarious. It's pretty bad on my part, but I guess I got too much pride to be that girly. If a chick I really like doesn't call me back, I'll just take the L. Ain't no way I'm gonna call her whining like, "Why didn't you call me back?"

One of my homegirls interestingly told me dudes acting like girls is nothing new. Maybe I've just been noticing it more lately. I'm not gonna type here and act like I'm not a culprit myself. I'm petty and that's pretty girly. Other than that, I'm pretty scruffy. So, did I forget anything? Ladies, care to share some girly things your dates or boyfriends tend to do? I would have mentioned starting arguments, but dudes will bring up the topic with no ill intentions and the girl will take it there. But I'm sure you ladies beg to differ.


Joe D. said...

That's some true stuff. More and more dudes seem like they've had their Y chromosomes replaced with an X one. One of the dudes I used to roll with has gotten infected with case of the He Say, He Did/Cockblocker/Biter/any other bitch trait you wanna insert which a shame because he was such a good dude before this "transformation".

And I don't know the about dudes have always acted liked girls thing. I'm only 21 and I remember when men used to carry themselves as such and you spot frauds from far away.

B.Scully said...

Chuch! I gotta agree that we all have our moments when the lil bitch comes out but I think its a problem when its constant behavior. I do feel like I find myself using the phrase "man up" more often than I used to. But what is the root of the problem? Too many beauty products marketed towards men these days? Skinny jeans maybe??

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to FUNKY FRIEND. That's his M O .
Come on gurl, you can talk to me. You can trust me.
Sit on my couch, share your feelings...........


O said...

That's real talk. But what else can you expect from niggas at a time when metrosexual is all the rage. Niggas wearing minks like it's all good. Of course they gonna act like divas and bitches.

MeLa Machinko said...

My issue is that all this wack shit is attributed solely to my gender.

I do almost NONE of that shit!
(I will tell stories without you asking... but thats cuz Im a very interesting and entertaining person. You're welcome.

I know many, many men who are guilty of one or more of these actions. Women too, for sure. It's all corny either way.

PS- I hate broads who say that "women are catty/shady/ etc. so i hang with just dudes" shit. Those girls are the wack bitches. It's not the other women. It's them.

I got dope girl friends.

Happyrunningbunny said...

This post had me cracking up! I thought I was trippin' but I guess there really are a lot of men out there turning into women...

I agree with O...I blame it on the whole metrosexual movement. Now that men are dressing like women "my hat matches my bag", should we be surprised that they are acting like them too?

aa said...

I'm maaaaaaaaaaaad late I know sorry lol, but yes this whole thing sucks because as a self-proclaimed anti-girly girl, who is as straight as a tampon (sorry but you get my point) I feel like all the 'real' men are disappearing. I mean how far will I have to travel to find one?! ::sigh:: Until the next blog topic dot dot dot lol

g. said...

i have to agree with everthing Mela said. number 1: women, believe it or not, are not this catty. atleast not my girlfriends and i. number 2; i'd be weary of a chick complaining about other chicks.