Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How To Approach A Woman 101...

Don't get it twisted, I'm not getting on here with the pretense of putting on a clinic or giving any pointers. To each his own, really.

Aside from inferior attempts like, "Damn, girl! You look good and shit," I'm thinking any mean of introduction is fair game. I'm also wondering how important the approach is. Per most women I know, good looking guys get away with a whole lot. Not to say they can just be reckless and still expect good results, but he isn't forced to keep his game in tip-top shape like the more average looking feller.

As I've mentioned before, I personally don't believe in game. I think any type of line is just about the corniest way to make a first impression...Unless you're a woman. Women just be so slick in their approach. We ought to learn a thing or three from them. But hey, that's just my take on lines. I'm sure the common poultry loves her some Dolomite, which is probably why I can't stand these pelicans and woodpeckers. I've noticed that I'm usually unable to recall my approach whenever I first meet women. It's like I black out or something. I may have said this before, but if I keep reminding my boy, "shorty is kinda bad" ten minutes after first noticing her, chances are it's not gonna happen. It means I'm thinking too much. I'm pretty likely to go over there and say something stupid, so I just call it a day.

If it's to go down, you're more likely to turn around and see me talking to a shorty. And don't ask me what I did, I couldn't even tell you. I just sleepwalk over there and talk. I don't believe in game, but I do believe in laughs. I usually get overly silly, so much so that I at times catch myself thinking, "what the f are you talking about?" I remember striking a conversation with this girl a while back. It all started with her complimenting the Polo.

The Girl: I like your shirt.

Carl: Thanks! I like your face.

The Girl: [Laughs]

I said it so fast I kinda caught myself off guard, like...What? And no Farrah, she wasn't laughing at, but with me. Don't try to jab on here and text me later, punk! :) My apologies if you guys had to witness a little family dispute just now. It will happen again. In any event, I always find it interesting to learn about other dudes' approach. Some of my homegirls have actually told me about my homies trying to kick it to them. Let's just say their tactics were interesting to say the least.

Fellers, I'm curious to know what you usually do when it's crunch time. Ladies, what about you? If you're not the type to step forward, what kind of introduction are you used to hearing?


MeLa Machinko said...

Seriously. Seriously. No lines. Please. I mean, i LOVE a witty, clever guy. But not everyone's good with the zingers. So guys should just be normal. I mean like, "hi. Enjoying yourself?" "or even "what's your name? I think you're pretty" LOL!!

I was recently told "you remind me of a butterfly because ur so pretty and u fly."


dp said...

I was winning on broads for years by bigging up their eyebrows. I let too many lames peep my game so that shit is a wrap now.

Chicks spend the most reeeeedirkulous amount of time getting face to be stunning and when the eyebrow game was motorola Razr sharp I let them ho's know.

(I say ho in only the most affectionate and loving manner, ya dig my nigs?!)

anyhoo, true story is that the majority of niggas don't care enough about a chick to be able to approach them. Niggas don't care enough about the details on a chick like her accessories or some special lapel pin she might have on.

Going back on the earlier drop, this is how I met my broad at the Brooklyn Museum First Saturday party. She was one of several chicks that I did the salsa dance with and she had on the most banging heels.

I offered to massage her feet at the end of the night as the crowd let out and people congregated in the front of the museum.

After walking her home I didn't ask for the digits but for her e-mail address. No pressure in my game and no expectations either.

Now that I'm retired I could show y'all how to do this sonn...

Paul Cantor said...

I just treat every "prospect" like a normal person. It's not even about kicking it at that point, it's about how you approach just being social with people in general. That said, I keep it on the friendly tip, with just a "hey how's it going?" Maybe a little cheesy head nod in an admittedly shy and corny way. From there, if the interest is present, she'll come back at you. Then it can go either way and it's up to you to make the most of it. I do believe in looks being the deciding factor in women entertaining a convo with a man in the first place, so for that reason I just try to look as best as possible these days. You want to give yourself the best chance at success possible.

Assertive Wit said...

Wit goes far...and at times makes people laugh. That's what I use IF I need it and usually, that is what works on me IF a guy feels the need to use it.

I like aggression in my relationships only because I like manly men but when you are first getting to know me it's kind of a turn off. I hate being aggressively hollered at like he's about to beat me over the head with a club and drag me out of whatever establishment we're in.

Being normal always works; women can tell when a dude is being hella extra for no reason :)

Double A said...

I like for a guy to casually approach me. A compliment always works, no corny lines please.

This one guy "approached" me before in the most odd but really original way. I was dancing as per usual at this part, and I was a little tipsy, admittedly, so I started fanning myself, because I was hot. But then I stopped and I still felt cool air on my neck.

I'm tipsy mind you, so I'm wondering where is this air coming from. I look up, there's no fan or air vents, but I still feel the air, but only on both sides of my neck just above my collarbone. So after a few minutes of dancing, I finally turn around and it's this guy blowing air on me. I bust out laughing, and he laughed along with me, and we started conversing. But again he was cute, had he not been, I probably would've rolled the eyes and kept it movin, it's sad to say but true :-( lol

Joe D. said...

I'm not Wilt Chamberlain or anything but my approach with women is simple. I can't really explain it. I just observe what she's doing at the moment and go from there. I think that's what most dudes miss though. They don't pay attention to the details, they don't observe what is going on in HER WORLD at that exact moment and get caught out there lookin' dumb on some "You're the ten I see" type shit.

Another thing that helps me is talking to everyone, not just talking to women. It's good practice and it also helps sharpen conversational and observatory skills.

Also make sure you're energetic and project a positive vibe. Women are like sharks, they can smell lack of confidence from a mile away.

That's my two cents but everyone has to do what works for them.

Farrah said... know me sooooo well! I laughed so hard at your little back and forth - "I like your face" :-) for my 2 doesn't matter what a dude says, it's always a combination of what he says and how he looks.

If he looks good (bagable) he can say the corniest line and it'll peak my interest.

If he's not so cute (kinda bagable) and says something really cleaver, it'll peak my interest.

But if he's ugly and says some wack shit...Straight eye rolling and teeth sucking..ya dig!!

What's up Carl, you need a date for the prom!!?? LOL