Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If I Was On Twitter (Don't Twitter Just To Twitt, You Twit!)

Well, I am on twitter...Finally! Better late than never.

I joined twitter roughly a month ago after succumbing to peer pressure. At first I didn't really know what to make of it, so I'd say stuff nobody gives a fart about like, "I'm taking a dump right now" while trying to figure it out. It seemed pretty dull at first, but I now find it to be a pretty fun tool. For those of you who aren't familiar with twitter, it's (displayed on the upper right corner) some sort of social networking thingy where you can follow people's every move, pretty similar to facebook's "What are you doing right now," but in an on going capacity. To follow someone is the myspace or facebook equivalent to being their friend. You can only be updated on people's moves if you follow them and people can't know what you're doing unless they follow you. So, as you can imagine, people who follow you may take offense that you aren't following them.

To keep it funky, I'm combing my "following" list as we speak to un-follow a few folks. My co-worker, Gang Starr Girl said it best. People on the internet think they're stars. Someone's left elbow could be featured in a clip and they'll twitter it (or is it tweet?) and try to get some attention off it. I'm just now starting to clock in more twittime, but was somehow listed among 100 people to follow on twitter in a recent The Rap-Up Entry. They had me listed among bloggers. First off, I'm not a blogger, I just post a lot. Secondly, big up to Rizoh. I appreciate the love, but I don't think congrats are in order or anything. That list was the last thing some of the featured twitterers needed.

I personally love twitter's web of conversations, or when folks post interesting links. It's one thing when celebrities like Shaq overtwitter. After all, we're obsessed with celebs. How else would you explain TMZ? But the average twitterer needs to stop acting like we care if he goes to the freakin' bathroom. Forgive me for being so anal, pause, I just can't help it. These non-important people acting importants are quickly turning me into a twitter bully. It's making me get on my own nerves. That's how much it's bothering me. Forgive me, but I'll have to take some of my pals for example. Earlier today, one of my boys twittered: "I'm in DMV Hell" to which I responded, "Shut up, dude! We don't care." Now, had Shaq been at the DMV, that would have made for an interesting twit. You and me, not so much. Going through twitter today, I saw people quote songs we've already heard(what's the point?), get their reverend run on with some baththub ass proverbs, details on what they had for lunch or sharing that they're brushing their teeth, scratching their asses or watching TV...Dude! Phillies won and the Eagles beat the Giant last week. Don't twitt just to twitt, you twit. Silence is underrated.

I know I'm no fun and being a ball buster here, but I can't help it, so stop acting important, cause your followers are laughing behind your back as we speak. And don't act like you don't care, we know you do.


MeLa Machinko said...

Jeez... I guess i'll take back my following YOU! LOL

I think ur looking at twitter the wrong way, tho. why do i have to want to feel important or famous to wanna talk abt random ish and see what random ish my friends (and artists i like) are talking about?

And I'd care way more if U were @ the DMV than Shaq... cuz I need to get down there and u can tell me what the line looks like.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Nah,Mela. I love the randomness. But the overtwitting just kills me. We don't have to know every freakin thing. That's just me, though...Me and a whole bunch of people I've been talking to.

Dove said...

Overall I love Twitter - it's a great tool for promoting things, and there are always some fun conversations going on. I learn a lot from new websites on there, get handy tips from bloggers, etc. You can always find some cool info or a good laugh.

The only thing that really annoys me is people who twitter while they watch tv and tell everything that's happening on a show... including the ENDING. Thanks a lot. I was recording that show to watch later. And what about the West coast Twits who don't get to watch that shit for 3 more hours. You suck for that.

Assertive Wit said...

hahahhaah don't be a killjoy! I do song lyrics and quotes all the time on my facebook and myspace status...twitter, I leave to what I'm REALLY doing LOL

Gangstarr Girl said...

"That list was the last thing some of the featured twitterers needed."

LOL@ a who's who twitter list, first of all. But anyway, I like Twitter. Despite initially thinking it was the dumbest thing ever, I now think is a good tool when it's used correctly. you can get some actual info on there, but come on, sometimes even the random posts make it all the more interesting. I agree with Mela in that I'd probably care more if u were in the DMV than Shaq.

Aura said...

I like to know what certain friends of mine are doing on there, even if its just random stuff. That's why I follow certain people in the first place. For example if I'm supposed to meet Martine somewhere at 4:30 and at 4:29 she tweets, "I'm stuck in traffic" or "God, I can't find anything to wear!" I know the heffa is going to be late and why. You feel me?

Shameless plug:

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Aura, don't make me delete your post with that damn plug. Martine could have just texted you.She didn't need twitter for that.