Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Look Me In The Eye When I'm Talking To You...

I always thought I was one of those folks who looked people in the eye when I talked to them.

I mean, depending on the situation of course. Guys, as homophobic as we are seem to have some kinda of defense mechanism when we talk to one another: three sentences, look away, two sentences, look up, one sentence look down, look in the eye, then stare away. Where else you think all that damn blinking comes from?

As far as I'm concerned, I tend to lock eyes longer when talking to women, especially if there's some sort of interest. I guess you're trying to read the person, so you look dead in their pupil. But locking eyes doesn't seem to be as important when the interest isn't there. There seems to be an on and off switch when it comes to grilling and I've seen it flipped many times. Like, I could be talking to a female about something and go a long stretch without breaking eye contact and then...Poof! They look away. It's like they can't look someone in the eye more than a few minutes without breaking.Some people just aren't too comfortable with eye contact. So my I've gotten into the habit of looking away periodically just make convos more comfortable. Then again, maybe I watch too much Seinfeld.

Get this, though. Me and my friend Aishah were talking the other day and she pointed out that I don't look her in the eyes when I talk to her. The thing is, she's comfortable with eye contact and isn't shy, so the periodical drift wasn't needed in this case. The thing is, I just couldn't stop looking during the conversation even when I tried to focus. It's like the look away has become a reflex...That or it's just another part of my alleged ADD. Let me beat you to the punch, here. At least one of you are thinking, "Carl is prolly just shy around her cause he likes her on the low." The thing is, she's chocolate and we all know I only mess with light skin girls right?

Sidebar: By the way, I'm highly upset. Your constant persecution has lead to my prosecution. I freakin' got subpoenad for complexion discrimination so I have to go to trial next week. Stay tuned!

But back to eye contact. Do you find that people usually can't look you in the eye, or maybe you're the drifter? I apparently can't...Sometimes.


Professor Ice said...

I have NO problem looking people in the eyes...I've had a guy or two tell me that's it sort of made them uncomfortable but they liked it at the same time. Also had guys think that bc I do it, I'm flirting with them (negative!). Odd thing is, I also have the interesting habit of focusing on people's mouths. Have no idea where I get this from...

To answer your question, I do think people get uncomfy with the eye contact bc...maybe they just aren't used to it. I kinda like it and especially find it "tickle me funny" when the opposite sex gets all fidgity (sp) because of it...

On another note Carl, I challenge you to a stare down and what the hell you got against chocolate, though I'm less chocolate now in this winter season, we gonna have a long talk when I come back from some far away destination where I can park myself under the sun and come back lookin like you!

Assertive Wit said...

People can't look me in the eye. I've been told it looks like I'm trying to hypnotize them...what??? Maybe if I had darker eyes it wouldn't matter...who knows?

I can't make eye contact with people when I can tell they are thinking about something else; it throws me off. For instance, I was eating lunch with a friend yesterday and her eyes COMPLETELY glazed over and got this look like she wanted to eat me for lunch. I'm not making eye contact with another woman who gives me that look because it makes me uncomfortable and I know that look. Many men have given it to me enough for me to know WHAT they are thinking about. It was very weird AND because I know that she has complimented me before (and it made me feel weird), I didn't want to lock eyes and make her think I was thinking the same thing LOL

Farrah said...

What you got againt chocolate!!!???

BTW...did you change your number on me or you need to borrow a few bucks till pay day!!! LOL