Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"25 Random Things I Don't Wanna Know About Yo Ass...

I don't know who started this, but there's this new thing on facebook where people tag you in a note and tell you 25 things about themselves. Phillies won!

Apparently, whoever gets tagged is supposed to follow up with a list of their own. It's like one of them chain letters, minus the threatening repercussions like, "Your internets won't work for seven days" if you don't reply and tag the person who sent it to you. Dude, true story...I got home last night and my AIM wouldn't work. I initially thought, "Damn you facebook," but it turns out I had to install a mandatory update on my AIM. Phew!

But not seriously, I've had a hard time reading through those 25 things thingies. I only made it through two of them. Maybe it's the ADD. I couldn't help but think, "25?" Don't let the blog fool you, it's actually pretty surface, so my initial thinking was, "scratch that, I don't want them to know five things about me let alone 25." But since I'm on the economic plan, meaning I've been staying home watching marathons of Inside The Actors Studio which allowed me to spend only $20 last week and I don't want my cable to go out, I decide to hop on this facebook trend and list 25 Random Things I Want You To Know About Me.

25. I woke up this morning, took a piss and washed my hands...

24. I also brushed my teeth.

23. Colgate Whitening > Aquafresh

22. I'm Djimon Honson black...(Thanks a lot Mex)

21. I'm haitian and haitians are black. Take that you penguin ass looking Toccarra!

20. Wyclef is NOT my cousin

19. I like Paula Patton

18. I met Paula Patton

17. I took a picture with Paula Patton

16. I like Kim Kardashian

15.I met Kim Kardashian

14. I took a picture with Kim Kardashian

13. Lauren London too...

12. " "

11. " "

Lauren London & Djimon Honson...

10. If I can get Maia Campbell off crack and get her to move in with me, Mark can have Freida Pinto. NOT!

9. I could have saved Lauryn Hill.

8. [Scratches head looking for more items]

7. I'll karate kid kick your dragon fly jones ass!

6. I walk fast.

5. You probably walk slow.

4. R.I.P. Pimp C


2. I used to hate my name cause I thought it was too generic. Instead, I wanted to be called John, Joe or Mike. Go figure!

1. My name is Carl.

Hurry up and do yours before something bad happens.


MeLa Machinko said...

ROFL!! your list rools.

hey I got called 'black as space' by a friend last week.
..and a darkie by another friend today!
i guess Im digimon hansolo black too. hehe

I did the list on FB. someone called me "a complicated individual". I talked about hair, boys and music. *shrugs*

I hope i didn't tag you, tho. LOL

Dallas said...

You ain't that Black. Djimon is effin' purple black.

Dallas said...

You are Haitian tho'.

Jackpot aka H.D. aka Desckabaisses said...

Dallas, I know I ain't that black. I'm just running with Ron Mexico's joke.

anna said...

this is perfect.

i like aquafresh better.

Dove said...

Djimon has incredible abs. Ab status should have been a part of your list. That is all.