Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dating In The Recession...Not A Good Look

For some reason these layoffs never cease to shock me.

I mean, I always anticipate more blood, but then I hear about so and so getting let go and it's like, DAMN! It even happened today. I've kinda come to terms with the climate, though. At this point, the only thing we can do is do our jobs and save for rainy days. I myself have turned into Super Scrooge in the past month.

I've cut down on going out and I pretty much bring my lunch into work everyday. I'm no Top Chef, but I have been cooking rather than eating out. I also try to keep my fridge full, so there aren't any late night snack trips to the store anymore. Plus I have this thing where I go to the ATM every Sunday, take out $20 and force myself to live on the Andrew Jackson through the week. It's actually not that hard. But with all this cutting back, dating's hardly been a priority.

Me and the homie Ans over at were just talking about it earlier today. The thing is, I don't think any of us wanna stop dating just because the economy's in the crapper. I mean, catching a movie here and there ain't too costly, but then you don't really get to talk. And unless we're talking jump offs, ain't no way the first date's gonna take place at your crib. On one hand, I'm thinking the climate will force us to come up with more creative dates, which will surely please the romantic types. On the flip side, I'm sure some chicks don't give a flying fack about your pockets and will be expecting the customary dinner and a movie, movie and drinks, drinks and dinner or whatever guys do nowadays. I'm not saying dinner's out of the question, I'm saying it's just isn't a good look for it to happen too often. That stuff piles up, you know? I personally may have to start putting my job perks to use.

What about you fellers? Has the recession changed your dating habits? If so, how so? Ladies, what's your take on this. If things keep up any longer I may start posting less relationship-related content on here. I won't have anywhere to draw inspiration from.


Adam Bernard said...

Two words - Coffee Shop

Two more - Book Store

Both are great inexpensive dates where you can spend a couple hours with a person without spending more than ten bucks.

Farrah said...

Three letters...KFC!!!


Clark Kent said...

Time Out New York has been my savior in finding things to do. Plus writing movie reviews has catching a flick easy - it's free and they catch a movie before it hits the theaters.

Carl Chery said...

KFC? Damn, Farrah! Since we related, you know any like-minded gals who so happen to be cute and funny?

Sandy said...

1 Word. Cook. Inexpensive, she( in this case me) is impressed at the effort and glad that its just the 2 of us...except if you live at yo mama's & she's grabbing a plate too.

Double A said...

Ahh you got me on this still requires buying groceries...too cold to go to the park. Yeah I'm stumped...guess I should be counting my lucky stars that I'm not a dude :-p. Good luck though lol