Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm Kinda Antisocial

You wouldn't be able to tell by seeing me interacting with people I already know, but I can be kind of antisocial.

It's not that I dislike people in general, sometimes I just don't wanna pause my iPod (especially not Erykah Badu) for an awkward conversation. I think it's a comfort thing. I don't feel like having to think about my next sentence. It isn't unusual for me to see someone I know and keep it moving cause I'm in the middle of listening to some Phill Collins. If we're cool, I'll probably go out of my way to speak to you, scream over commuters' heads to get your attention or sneak up on you to catch you off guard. Granted, I'm a space cadet, so I may have genuinely not seen you. But it's also likely that I've absolutely ignored you.

I actually go to work-related functions sometimes and take advantage of anybody who doesn't recognize me. Instead of re-introducing myself, I usually just lay low and chill. The bad thing about my antisocialism tendencies is that I've never been good at being at the receiving end of it. My thing is, I'm not asking for a full blown conversation, just acknowledge a brother, salute me, head nod or something.

There have been a few episodes in which a person, who so happens to be cool with a mutual friend of ours, totally ignores me. Since I recognized them, I expected to look familiar as well. Apparently not. My initial reaction was, man, he/she's hollywood. I get a bad vibe from that person. I do always give them the benefit of the doubt. I figured that if my peoples were their peoples, the alleged snob in question must be cool peoples. I remember asking my homie about a particular person one time. "Is he cool?" I asked. My boy actually made me realize: "Maybe he thinks you're ignoring him too." He had a point. After all, I forget faces from time to time to time to time. What's worse is that I try to act like I remember them- hoping that something will trigger my memory by the end of the conversation. So the next time I saw the person in question, I made a point to say what's up. It turns out, my greeting was welcomed. I later
eventually got cool with several other "antisocial" folks. I even had to come clean and tell them, "You know, I thought you may have been a bit funny style, but you're cool as hell. My apologies." I'll never make a fuss about being ignored ever again. Every now and then, I write something off the wall like profiling train riders and surprisingly find out some of you think the exact same way. I have a feeling, this isn't one of those blogs.

What about you guys? Do you have antisocial ways? Do you on occasion see someone and purposely ignore them. Well, I have. And I've learned my lesson. I'll probably keep ignoring people when I don't feel like interrupting my Ryan Leslie. I just won't get mad when they ignore me back.


MeLa Machinko said...

Im awkward with crowds, people i don't know well, and terrible with faces. It all comes together to make me look like a complete dick.

there's a person whose name you'd know if i said it, who Im certain thinks Im the biggest bitch in the world because i never remember who she is until its waaay too late to make a normal greeting. Because she's kinda famous, Im sure she thinks Im ignoring her on purpose. I feel bad about it.

ehh... what can u do?

Double a said...

I'm antisocial as well but you knew this already. lol I do the same, but I think mine is more of a laziness factor. If you dont see me from the get then I have to go out of my way to try and get your attention, make eye contact, wave and possibly engage in some small talk for however long. Sometime's its just not worth it lol not to say I'm ignoring you, just not in the social mood at that particular moment. Ps. This was one of my "25 things" you dont know about me yet, and yes I will be posting it even if you dont want to know lol

Farrah said...

ME TOO! I think we may be related...LOL!!!

Paul Cantor said...

I'm a music dude, it comes with the territory... gotta pick your spots tho. It takes practice.